Niko von Glasow Looks to Finish his Upcoming Film: "Shoot Me. Kiss Me. Cut!" with Funding from Kickstarter.

A rich London teenager meets a prostitute in a chat room. They decide to make a film together, but for very different reasons.

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Shoot Me. Kiss Me. Cut!

This romantic comedy is being produced and directed by Niko von Glasow, who won the German Film Award for his documentary NoBody's Perfect.

London, UK (PRWEB) January 25, 2014

When Flora, an online prostitute, meets Sam in a chat room, he tells her about a film competition he is entering and the £10,000 prize money. Desperate to get custody of her daughter back, she decides to get involved. With the help of their very different friends, they begin to make their own version of Romeo & Juliet. However, when each of their personal issues start to interfere with the film, what follows is an eruption of power, parties, fights, sex and love.

This romantic comedy is being produced and directed by Niko von Glasow, who won the German Film Award for his documentary "NoBody's Perfect." His latest film "My Way To Olympia" has just been pre-nominated for a German Film Award and will be shown at the Berlin Film Festival. Mr. Glasow gathered a group of young and talented Londoners, with the hope of making a film about the dreams and troubles of young people today. At their very first rehearsal, they decided to throw out the script, and what followed was over 100 hours of improvised story-making caught on fifteen hand-held cameras.

As production went on, and the reality of the "actors" became more and more a part of the film, it appeared clear to Niko that the story itself was evolving. "Shoot Me. Kiss Me. Cut!" started as a film about sex, violence and drugs. It soon became the truth of friendship, ego and love.

Funds raised via Kickstarter will be used to:

  • Pay for travel and filming costs
  • Market and distribute the film
  • Pay for the equipment that were borrowed/rented
  • Pay the production crew for the time they've given and continue to give.

Niko and the rest of the team are totally committed to helping young people get on their feet and make something special for themselves. That's why all the profits raised from this film will go towards bursaries and grants. So that we can help others in the same way in which you are helping us.

This project will only be funded if at least £69,000 is pledged by Monday Feb 10, 11:39am EST.

Kickstarter Page: