Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Replaces at Least 72 Other Products As the All-in-one Hydroponic Nutrient Additive

A breakthrough in plant fertilizer technology allows Coco Coir, Soil, and Deep Water Culture growers to replace many nutrient additives with the single All-in-one Additive Golden Tree.

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Boulder, CO (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

"Yes, Golden Tree is innovative and 10 times better than anyone expects it to be, but it is not the whole answer. Nothing can take the place of having the proper environment, genetics, organization and patience with a grow. Our mission statement is to make growing simple, profitable, easy, and exciting. We will succeed as a fertilizer company if you can succeed as a grower. "

  •     Ben Garber, Humboldts Secret Founder

It’s great news for growers everywhere to know that Humboldts Secret Golden Tree nutrient additive offers a perfect all-in-one enhancement to their already trusted baseline fertilizer regimen. New growers as well as those wishing to explore potentially more effective fertilizer/additive combos often encounter a daunting number of additive and enhancement products cluttering the shelves at a typical hydroponics store. Figuring out which products are best can become nerve-racking.

Humboldts Secret’s has worked closely with a select, core group of growers to generate invaluable feedback. What’s clear is that Golden Tree, as a nutrient additive, will amply act as a crop’s root stimulator, growth enhancer, sweetener, bloom enhancer, and bloom finisher, when used in conjunction with a solid baseline fertilizer.

Most recently, the customer and product teams worked with growers on investigating a very simple fertilizer/Golden Tree combo that would be easy to replicate by growers everywhere. These growers reported amazing results by using Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur A&B and Golden Tree. And it’s not just this base nutrient that can be used, but any base system.

"We just bumped our PPM's on the base nutrients up to 800-1100ppm ( About 800 PPM's in veg and 1100 PPM's in flower) and then added Golden Tree the whole way basically, and it was easy."

  •     60,000 watt Los Angeles based commercial grower and Golden Tree user

Three consecutive crops showed consistently high yield, healthy results using the Advanced Nutrients/Golden Tree combo with pure distilled water input and following Golden Tree’s product directions. Root growth, bloom health and size, product flavor and taste were all carefully monitored with impressive results.

Here’s a list of products you can simply replace by using Golden Tree with Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur A&B, or any (complete N-P-K) base nutrient you may prefer. Just be sure to bump up the PPM's to between 800-1100 (adjust accordingly).

General Hydroponics: BioRoot, Biobud, Biomarine, Bioweed, Diamond Black, Ancient Forest, Floraclicious Plus, Diamond Nectar, Subculture, Armor Si, Florablend, Rapidstart

Rock Nutrients: Rock Supercharge, Rock Absorbalight, Rock Resinator

Botanicare: Pure blend Tea, Sweet Berry, Sweet Citrus, Liquid Karma, Vitamino, Hydroplex, Sweet Grape, Sweet Raw, Silica Blast, Fulvex, Seaplex, Zho Root inoculant, Aquashield

Advanced Nutrients: B-52 Vitamin, Bud Factor X, Bud Ignitor, Jungle Juice, Big Bud Bloom Booster, Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator, Bud Candy, Carboload, Final Phase, Hammerhead, Kushie Kush, Overdrive, Revive Crop, Protection, Sensizym, Voodoo Juice Root Booster, Ancient Earth, Grandma Engyys F-1, Grandma Engyys H-2, Iguana Juice, Mother Earth Super Tea, Nirvana, Organic B1 Vitamin, Wet Betty

Bio Bizz: Fish Mix, Top Max, Alg-A-Mic, Root Juice, Bio-Heaven

Canna: Cannazym, Rhizotonic, CannaBoost

House and Garden: Algen Extract, Amino Treatment, Bud-XL, Magic Green, Multi Zen, Roots Excelurator

X-Nutrients: Amino Blast, Bloom FX

Other: Seacrop, Hygrozyme

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