Door Devil Reports Little-Known Door Security Step Prevents Burglary

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A burglary was prevented by a door security solution that has virtually remained a secret from even the most security-conscious homeowners.

Anti-Kick Door Security

Door Security | Anti Kick Defense

The suspect stood with his back to the door and kicked backwards with a great deal of force but was unable to defeat the Door Devil

A Dallas/Fort Worth area homeowner installed Door Devil Anti-Kick device and it paid off. When burglars attempted to kick-in the front door of this home, the fortified doorway did not budge and (most likely) worried about attention from the noise of the multiple failed kicks, the burglars ran away without gaining entry. As a result, the family saved thousands in door damage, stolen property and increased insurance premiums.

The DFW Police Officer responding to the attempted burglary was so impressed with the door security product that she sent an unsolicited testimonial (posted here) to the manufacturer recounting the incident. “The suspect stood with his back to the door and kicked backwards with a great deal of force but was unable to defeat the Door Devil.” This story had a happy ending. Most do not.

Unfortunately, doorframe reinforcement is a home security measure rarely employed by homeowners. With standard doorframes, a strong kick typically blows apart the single inch of soft wood holding the deadbolt in place. Despite the best alarm system or deadbolt, this vulnerability allows bad guys into home within seconds. Criminals are aware of this fact. Most homeowners are not.

According to the FBI’s most recently published burglary statistics, there are an estimated 1.4 million burglaries each year in the United States. The ease with which a door can be kicked-in is one of the main contributors to the high number of successful burglaries. This fact was reinforced by Officer’s testimonial “…when I respond to burglaries where the door has been kicked-in, I find the door damaged and the doorframe lying on the floor by pieces of the door lock.” Until more homeowners fortify the exterior doors, “door kick-ins” will remain the preferred method of entry for burglars.

Entry through a window is also common, but not the method of choice because criminals can look “normal” on a front porch when assessing the target, whereas peering or lingering around a window is an immediate visual red flag to passers-by. In addition, the sound of breaking glass is distinct and more apt to raise concern with a neighbor. Finally, opening (or climbing through) a broken window is more likely to injure the criminal and leave evidence behind. For these reasons, entering a window is typically the burglar’s distant 2nd choice.

Door Devil owner, Nick Fairless, lamented “doorway reinforcement is such a simple and effective home security layer, yet it has never caught on with homeowners”. He noted three primary reasons:

(1) Prior to 2011, doorway reinforcement kits had either been too expensive, neglected a critical vulnerability of the doorway (such as the hinges or the door itself) or too cumbersome for the average DIY homeowner to install.

(2) Despite the seemingly “natural product fit”, most Alarm Companies and Locksmiths have been hesitant to add this to their product and service line because each doorway presents a unique set of variables. Alarm Technicians must adhere to strict timeline per job, else they will fall behind with other appointments. While “anti-kick” solutions typically only take 30 minutes to install, most Alarm Companies and Locksmiths are reluctant to add a new item that carries a risk of putting their Technicians behind schedule.

(3) The doorway security industry, in general, has done a poor job in educating the general public about the simplicity and necessity of the solution.

In recent years, doorway reinforcement leaders Door Devil, Armor Concepts and Safe Homes International have significantly improved their flagship products. The consumer now has a choice of at least (3) comprehensive and simple products to reinforce their doorways for less than $90. “As a result”, Fairless concluded, “[industry-wide] I fully expect many more similar incidents where the good guys win.”

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