Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp Introduces The Maintenance-Free Super Separator

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Removes 99.9% water, Oil and Particulate from Compressed Air Lines

The Nex Flow™ Patented Super Separator is used upstream from the point of a compressed air line application and removes 99.9% moisture, water, oil, dirt and particulate. No Filter Cartridge To Ever Replace.

The Nex Flow™ Super Separator utilizes a unique multiple chamber design to spin the entering compressed air through two chambers causing an extremely high level of moisture and particulate removal. A built in automatic drain – the only moving part – removes the collected waste.

Despite the use of driers at the compressor location, condensation and moisture entrainment into air lines cause havoc with cylinders, solenoid valves, tooling, blow-off and other pneumatically operated equipment.

The Nex Flow™ Super Separator placed upstream from the point of use and upstream existing filters remove moisture and particulate. Existing filters may be replaced or left for extra security with their life extended four to five times.

We are so confident of the Nex Flow™ Super Separator we offer a five year warranty.
Available in three capacities: 9 SCFM, 22 SCFM and 64 SCFM. Units may be installed in parallel to address different capacities.

Applications include:

Paint Lines
Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Power Plants
Precision MetalWorking
Prevent line Freezing
Cement Industry
Automotive Industry
Textile Industry
Pulp & Paper Plants
Chemical Industry
Packaging, and more…..

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