We Discovered the Safe Way for Cortisol Lifetime Use

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Helen Foundation improves upon natural hormone research completed by a Nobel Prize winning Mayo Clinic Team in 1950. The Mayo Clinic connection continues when Dr. Charles Slocumb verbally praised Dr. Stenberg for solving the cortisone riddle resulting in long term reduction of inflammation with no negative side effects by saying,“Dr. Stenberg, you must continue.” The 1950 Mayo Clinic team discovered cortisone and its natural use within the body to control destructive inflammation. During their clinical studies however, they failed to find a lifetime use for cortisone as high amounts were administered on a daily basis and resulted in negative side effects due to overdosing.Dr. Stenberg’s clinical team at the University Of North Dakota School Of Medicine discovered the safe way for cortisone lifetime use by concluding that patients should be taught to control inflammation with the hormone cortisol similar to the way patients are taught to control diabetes with insulin.

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Mayo Clinic team discovered cortisone perfectly controls inflammation.

Hench and Kendall () with Reichstein (Switzerland) received the Nobel Prize for discovering cortisone (more properly cortisol) perfectly controls long-term, painful, destructive inflammation, but failed to find a safe way for cortisol lifetime use.

The 1950 Mayo Clinic team in the picture is as follows: Drs. Charles Slocumb, Howard Polley, Edward Kendall and Philip Hench (left to right).

Consequently, cortisol became restricted to use by injections. Cortisol injections are inconvenient and give local, temporary relief.

We discovered the safe way for cortisol lifetime use.

You must be taught to use cortisol for inflammation like patients use insulin for diabetes, that is, patient control of medicine. One thousand nine hundred and twenty patients and two clinical trials later using patient control of cortisol, we have observed no significant side effects.

At the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, we choose tablets rather than injections for patient control of cortisol. Cortisol tablets dissolve in the stomach, enter the blood, and arrest inflammation wherever it is in the body.

Following completion of our university studies, I visited with Dr. Charles Slocumb, refer to picture below: Dr. Charles Slocumb, Prof. Virgil Stenberg (left to right).

Referring to Dr. Charles Slocumb’s cortisol clinical studies, I asked him, “How come you gave patients cortisol daily?”

Slocumb answered, “We didn’t know how to use it.”

I explained, “Taking cortisol daily leads to over dosage. Over dosage causes Cushing’s Syndrome with its rather unpleasant weight gain, bone weakening, etc. — that which has become known as cortisol ‘side effects’.”

“We solved the ‘side effect’ problem by teaching patients to take cortisol when the body is designed to make extra to control inflammation but can no longer do so.”

Slocumb then blurted, “Dr. Stenberg, physicians do not know how to use cortisol! Stick to your guns.”

After learning when to take cortisol and how much to take, you can control inflammation in your body in the comfort of your own home with the blessings of your physician. Cortisol is a prescription medicine.

If you take too much cortisol, you will get into the same trouble the Mayo Clinic team did with their patients. A little will do it if you are smart about it.

Virgil I. Stenberg
Research Director
Helen Foundation

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