South Florida Dental Facility Utilizing Innovative Technology to Combat Deadly Airborne Pathogens

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Kid’s Dental Place Inc. is the first in South Florida to install American Green Technology's Arcalux® Health Risk Management System

If the HRMS eliminates one potentially fatal case of MRSA or C. difficile, then it’s worth the investment to any hospital, outpatient clinic, dental office, or nursing home. We have to credit Dr. Garcia for her progressive thinking.

Kid’s Dental Place, Inc., a specialized dental office for children and adolescents, is taking extra steps to guarantee its “little” patients and their parents a worry free experience. The Facility is installing American Green Technology’s (AGT), Arcalux® Health Risk Management System (HRMS), a unique lighting system scientifically designed to eliminate healthcare associated infections (HAIs) —one of the fastest growing health threats in the United States.

HAI’s are infections that patients acquire during the course of receiving healthcare treatment for other conditions. These infections related to medical care can be devastating and even deadly as several HAI’s have grown resistant to antibiotics. Two of the more common antibiotic resistant HAI’s are Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Staphylococcus aureus (staph), both successfully removed by the Arcalux® HRMS at a 99.85% rate.

“We want to ensure peace of mind for the parents of the children that are seen in our facility,” said Dr. Kathy Garcia, owner of Kid’s Dental Place, Inc. “The best thing you can do for your patients and staff is ensure their safety and health. As a doctor, it is critical that you offer the best care possible, especially when you are dealing with young children, even toddlers. At such young ages their immune systems aren’t fully formed yet. The HRMS gives me that extra comfort that my patients are protected from dangerous unseen pathogens.”

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), everyday about 1 in every 20 hospitalized patients has an infection caused by receiving medical care. In addition, the CDC has ranked “Antibiotic Resistance and coping with untreatable infections,” as one of the top five health threats the agency expects to address in 2014.

“A pediatric dental office is just one of numerous applications that are perfect for the HRMS,” said Corporate Communications Director, Meredith Jimenez. “The beauty of this system is that it is cost effective, easy to install, inexpensive to maintain and above all – can save lives. If the HRMS eliminates one potentially fatal case of MRSA or C. difficile, then it’s worth the investment to any hospital, outpatient clinic, dental office, or nursing home. We have to credit Dr. Garcia for her progressive thinking by installing the HRMS first in South Florida. I’m certain more will follow.”

The Arcalux® HRMS uses differential pressure, filtration, purification, and dilution to purify a typical 10’ x 10’ room with an 8 foot ceiling every 16 minutes. The fixture has intake and exhaust vents with grilles set at a 30-degree angle, which is optimal to pull the air in and push it out in a pattern that avoids re-circulating air that may be polluted. Together, the grilles create a flow in the room that interrupts stagnant air in corners and along the base of walls.

Employing the use of Ultraviolet C germicidal technology, which has been used in surgical centers for more than 80 years to kill pathogens, the Arcalux® HRMS features a patented design that incorporates an enclosed chamber with a UV lamp system that operates at the peak energy emission wavelength of 253.7 nanometers—the confirmed wavelength needed, according to OSHA and the CDC, to achieve a germicidal effect strong enough to kill TB bacteria in a hospital setting.

No UVC rays escape the interior pathogen removal chamber as the UVC lamp is safely enclosed inside the device. In fact, the device is designed with an automatic shutoff that prevents any possibility of accidental UVC exposure. A specialized filter removes large dust particles to protect internal components. For ease of use, the entire unit requires only yearly maintenance on the lamp and filter —all without the use of tools. In addition, the Arcalux® HRMS works with any HVAC system in place without disturbing airflow or requiring new ductwork.

About American Green Technology:
American Green Technology® is a leader in efficient technologies and the manufacture and import of “magnetic induction lights”, the most energy efficient mass lighting solution. Boasting a life span over 100,000 hours, induction lights reduce energy costs by 50-70% and virtually eliminate maintenance. Primary markets include municipal, industrial and commercial applications. More than 1,500 independent lighting professionals represent American Green Technology across the United States, and internationally in more than a dozen countries. For more information, visit or call 269-340-9975.

About Arcalux® Health Risk Management System:
The Arcalux® Health Risk Management System (HRMS) is a patented lighting product that combats airborne pathogens which cause Healthcare-Acquired Infections. It is available exclusively through American Green Technology. For more, log onto

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