Nature Accredited Love: Real Seahawks and Broncos Cooperate to Build a Non-Polluted Planet, Peace and Mental Health; a Complimentary Course Online Strengthens Health and Wellness

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A free, online course from Applied Ecopsychologist, Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., strengthens personal, social and environmental well-being. The 50th anniversary of its art and science is a powerful, 54-sense, educating, counseling and healing with nature process that helps responsible individuals reduce stress, mental illness, addiction, pollution and apathy.

The point source of our increasing problems is our hidden addiction to inaccurate stories. This bonding disconnects our mind and spirit from Nature’s self-correcting ways, in and around us.

“Like Super Bowl XLVIII, in Nature, real Seahawks and Broncos along with all other forms of life, support each other cooperatively to restore our pollution-free, peaceful Planet and the wellness of humanity” says Project NatureConnect(PNC) director, Dr. Michael J. Cohen. “For the same reason, PNC at Akamai University] has today been internationally accredited by ASIC as a commendable premier university on this, PNC’s 50th Anniversary year.”

In celebration of this new affirmation and to increase personal, social and environmental well-being, PNC is offering a free, organic remedy book and course online that uses Nature as higher power. It enables its participants to create moments that let Earth teach us its balanced and purifying ways so we may join with the Web-of Life to improve how we think, feel and relate.

“Here’s the challenge that faces us,” says Cohen, “Because we are economically habituated to attach our inherent love of Earth’s life to teams, materials and logos, we cheer them while authentic Seahawks and Broncos struggle for their life and Earth fights the fever we have given it. The cure is recreation that is also re-creation and renewal via nature-connected learning. Be afraid. Be very afraid because where the media and our institutions are helping folks benefit from this available remedy is the “Nowhere Bowl.” Cohen wonders if the premium ASIC Accreditation awarded will make a difference.

PNC’s subsidized Training, Certifications and Degrees enable students, educators and counselors to remedy personal, social and environmental disorders. They accomplish this, along with parents, healers and administrators, through activities that help them make the science of sensory contact with authentic Nature a learning and healing tool, backyard or backcountry.

Dr. Cohen says, “The point source of our increasing problems is our hidden addiction to inaccurate stories. This bonding disconnects our mind and spirit from Nature’s self-correcting ways, in and around us. It is these misguided attachments that are the unaddressed origin of the mental health disorders presently suffered by 25 percent of the population, along with our many other imbalances.”

PNC operates in cooperation with a wide range of individuals and groups that use its purifying methods and materials to reach their goals in a good way. Its Applied Ecopsychology program includes an unprecedented anti-corruption Warranty assuring that PNC presents uncontaminated information in combination with techniques that produce wholesome thinking and learning.

The participants at PNC learn how to gain knowledge directly from natural areas. This is because the trust and unification that our society desperately needs lies in unadulterated, self-evident truth. It’s the kind of truth that we don’t have to think about or prove. It has to be true, like the way nature works in and around us, like the sun rising every day. We are out of tune with it, on average, over 99 percent of our lifetime.

The important PNC contribution that most disciplines omit is that all people hold self-evident truths and values in common; these realities unify across borders.

Cohen, the author of “The Web of Life Imperative,” says, “PNC empowers us to solve the critical problem we face, that of our leaders expertly identifying many disorders but not providing us with a tool that helps us remedy them. PNC is that tool. Even a short period of quiet time in a natural area demonstrates Nature’s remarkable restorative and enlightening effects. PNC helps people, at will, to strengthen their resilience and recover from excessive stress through its unique nature-reconnection activities”

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Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D. 360-378-6313 nature(at)interisland(dot)net

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