'The Peacemakers' Violence In America Film Debuts At Sundance Film Festival

'The Peacemakers,’ a documentary feature on the growing epidemic of violence in America, directed by Emmy winner and Congressional Candidate Amardeep Kaleka, debuted its first trailer for the timely film at the Sundance Film Festival.

Park City, UT (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

'The Peacemakers,' the heart wrenching new feature documentary from NEL Productions and Emmy Award Winner and Congressional Candidate Amar Kaleka, was feted Sunday night at the Zen Den home of Heal One World.

“This film tackles the story of one of the most crucial issues of our day and the response here at Sundance has been tremendous,” said Mr. Kaleka Sunday night.

The Peacemakers is a documentary feature on the growing epidemic of violence in America telling the story of survivors, known as Peacemakers, who come together in search of answers in order to create a social movement to produce lasting solutions for our communities and for our country.

Pardeep and Amardeep Kaleka tell the tragic story of the Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting in which they lost their father Satwant Singh Kaleka and four other members of the congregation. Nardyne Jefferies, who lost her daughter Brishell Jones in a senseless drive by shooting, testifies and meets with civic leaders eventually confronting her daughter’s killer. The film takes the audience on a journey of hope and redemption with over a dozen Peacemakers and includes interviews with the Honorable John Lewis, the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Colin Goddard, Tom Mauser, Azim Khamisa, Mayor Cory Booker and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Hollywood Producer Kavi Virk was on hand to support the project and his fellow filmmakers. “It is a rare thing to have such a dedicated team working on this important issue which has unfortunately touched so many of us. Almost every person in the country is related to or knows a victim of this kind of violence,” commented Mr. Virk.

The film’s editor Laurie Knapp teamed up with the Emmy Award winning duo of director and Congressional Candidate Amar Kaleka and producer Jared Bonshire from Jacobs Turn (2010) to tell this amazing story of the painful but rewarding path from despair to hope.

Learn more about 'The Peacemakers' film at http://www.thepeacemakermovement.com and http://www.neverendinglight.com.