Navvia Announces the Launch of Their 9th Annual IT Service Management (ITSM) Survey

For the last 8 years Navvia has been conducting research into the state of companies’ ITSM programs to identify trends and uncover opportunities to improve IT efficiency.

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

The survey brings tremendous value to the marketplace as it enables organizations to gauge where they stand against their peer organizations.

“Information Technology is the largest component (≈22%) of Private Business Investment. Businesses rely heavily on IT to design and run processes, provide efficiency, promote accuracy and drive productivity,” says Tony Richards, Navvia’s Chairman. When a business improves IT efficiencies it equates to savings and better use of resources. The implementation of good IT Service Management practices is a proven method for accomplishing this goal.

“We are excited to continue our research into what comprises the crucial elements of a successful ITSM program,” says David Mainville, Navvia’s CEO. “More importantly, we are pleased to make the results of our research freely available to the ITSM community.”

Navvia’s annual ITSM Industry Survey is the cornerstone of this research and we encourage organizations with an active ITSM program to participate. The survey will close February 28, 2014. The results will be compiled then shared with the ITSM community via a whitepaper and webinar this coming March.

To participate or learn more, go here.

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