Crafting Ladies Save Money Following Crafty Lady on FansRave®

Crafting ladies know that every week Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby have their in-store 40% off coupon posted on their website. Crafty Lady on FansRave® has made it easy to never miss these coupons as well as other deals on crafting supplies.

Bloomfield Hills, MI (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

Crafting ladies are always in need of new crafting supplies and essentials. Every week Michaels, Joann’s and Hobby Lobby have their in-store 40% off coupon posted on their website. Nothing is more frustrating than stopping into one of the stores and forgetting the coupon at home.

The Crafty Lady has created a profile on FansRave® and is committed to making sure that crafting ladies around the country never miss these coupons. Every week Crafty Lady posts the weekly in-store coupons for Michaels, Joann’s and Hobby Lobby into a special savings tab. Crafting ladies can quickly access the in-store coupons by visiting

“Women that love crafting are always at their crafting stores picking up their latest supplies,” said Dave Gonynor CEO of FansRave®. “We built FansRave® for women that love to save money and love helping friends by sharing the great deals they find. Crafting ladies are a tight knit community of women that get together at weekend crops or their local craft store helping each other with their crafting and having a great time. FansRave® is proud to help them save money.”

FansRave® ( is an online coupon organizer that makes it easy to share deals with friends, family and other couponers so that no one misses a deal. FansRave® operates like Pinterest so women that know how to use Pinterest will instantly know how to use FansRave®.

Crafting ladies can help their friends by sharing the deals they find right on the Crafty Lady profile ( They can just message Crafty Lady and request to share one of the savings tabs. The more women that share the deals they find the easier it is for everyone to save money.

“The real power of FansRave® is getting together with friends and family and sharing coupons in savings folders everyone shares,” Gonynor continues. “By helping each other, everyone can spend a lot less time scouring websites, email clubs and deal sites finding great local deals and feel comfortable they are not missing out on any savings.”

FansRave® is free for consumers to use. It currently lists hundreds of available deals at large national and regional retail chains.

ABOUT FansRave®
FansRave® is based in Bloomfield Hills, MI. FansRave® makes it easy for shoppers to save, organize and share deals from their favorite retail and restaurant locations.