Explains How Botox is Used to Correct Eyebrow Unevenness

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Patients that are concerned with uneven eyebrows now have an alternative to surgery – Botox. explains how the procedure works and what patients can expect.

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As noted by both liquid brow lifts and treatments for evening out eyebrows are fairly simple procedures that have minimal risks and recovery time. Botox treatment for uneven eyebrows can be done with a single injection in the matter of minutes.

The medical professional will need to determine which muscle(s) around the eyebrow will need to be injected. There are two types of muscles: antagonist and agonist. Antagonist muscles pull the eyebrow down while agonist muscles pull the eyebrow upward. Injecting into the antagonist muscle will relax the downward pull. Injecting into the agonist muscle will relax the upward pull.

The amount of Botox units administered will depend on the severity of the unevenness. At least 2-4 units will be used for mild unevenness.


Two key influencers of the outcome were identified. These were the skill of the practitioner making the injections and the amount of correction needed.


The publication points out that Botox brow procedures to treat unevenness aren’t recommended for all patients. Those with only mild unevenness will likely see nominal changes if any, whereas those with moderate to severe unevenness will notice a significant change of around two millimeters.

Results won’t be perceptible right after the procedure. It will take approximately three days for the end results to fully develop. Results will last approximately three to four months at which time the procedure will need to be repeated.

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