Directly From Concept to Consumer, NEXGENStore Features the Next Generation of Affordable Product Innovation

New, national consumer website features cutting-edge products invented, patented and manufactured by an international in-house team.

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“We use knowledge garnered over our many years in the industry to bring top quality products to the consumer at a good value. We invented it, we manufacture it, we patent it, we own it, so no one can beat our price value,” states Ian Pasalich.

RENO, Nev. (PRWEB) February 04, 2014

Consumer products are constantly evolving, with newer and better models being released regularly. For those seeking cutting-edge merchandise ranging from games to clothes to cooking appliances, NEXGENStore is a new one-stop, consumer-direct online store featuring the latest in product innovation – at literally unbeatable price points, as there is no middleman between concept and consumer.

NEXGENStore’s culinary product line features several tools considered to be the next generation of many staple kitchen appliances. With company President, and former President of Sunbeam® New Zealand, Ian Pasalich at the helm, a team of inventors and manufacturers that have spent decades researching and developing products for some of the world’s top appliance brands identify any room for improvement among existing appliances in the market. The team then conducts extensive research before inventing, manufacturing and patenting a new and enhanced model, without engaging any middleman before it reaches the consumer.

This process completely eliminates the ability for big box retailers and online discount stores to undercut the prices established by NEXGENStore, especially since all items ordered are free to ship. “We use knowledge garnered over our many years in the industry to bring top quality products to the consumer at a good value. We invented it, we manufacture it, we patent it, we own it, so no one can beat our price value,” states Ian Pasalich of the items they offer. These newly developed appliances are of such high quality, they’re also being purchased by major international brands who merely put their label on the generic product.

One innovation that’s rapidly finding its way to staple-appliance status for many chefs internationally is the Masha. This $39.95 tool – created to perfectly mash potatoes – is very simple to clean, enabling it to be easily used for multiple jobs in one cooking project, and can be used by all ages and ability levels for a wide variety of culinary endeavors. The Masha combines patented, high-power ROTOR-CONE technology, advanced ergonomics and an easy-clean design with a low-speed plastic rotor and integrated mesh sieve to gently and effectively mash or blend foods such as potatoes, cookie and cake batters, guacamole, baby food, pastry dough and much more without leaving lumps, or structurally changing the composition of the ingredients, unlike bladed products such as an immersion blender.

For flawlessly frothed or mixed beverages, the patented Frotha features double the power, torque and battery life of other frothers on the market. A $24.95 price tag, convenient stand, small size, ergonomic design and both froth and whisk attachments make the Frotha easy to use at home, office, by bartenders, on-the-go for cappuccino-lovers, or those who regularly prepare health shakes, just to name a few.

Aside from the kitchen, NEXGENStore’s products can also be spotted in living rooms and game tables. Invented in Reno, The Wacky Whiddles is a game consisting of two-letter tiles and “fill-in-the-blank” cards each with a sentence about fictitious characters Harry and Edna Whiddle. Blending some traits of other longtime favorite word and board games, this new spin offers families and friends hours of amusement as players are prompted to use words starting with the letters on the tiles to complete the comedic sentences presented to them.

More products are currently available, with new ones springing up regularly on NexGenStore, each demonstrating the next generation of merchandise innovation. For more information, demonstrations videos and images, or to order products visit or call 888-985-9929.


Media Contact: Natasha Bourlin, Biggest Little Group
natasha(at)biggestlittlegroup(dot)com or 775-240-8749



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