Common Distractions Drivers Face on the Road

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While traveling the roadways, motorists are faced with multiple distractions, some of which are unknowingly created by the drivers. Comedy Driving has prepared a series of common distractions which individuals from all cultures may encounter during daily commutes or weekend excursions.

Suddenly a car in a paralleling lane begins merging into the same lane that another vehicle is occupying. All too often, there is someone driving a car while looking in the visor-mirror, steadily applying make-up, and also struggling to drive. This task, which could be safely done at home, jeopardizes all other drivers who are sharing the road with a preoccupied automobilist.

Uniquely, a distraction some men are guilty of is shaving while they drive. An excuse for this action comes in many forms; being late for work, a meeting, or late to his own wedding. This is obviously not a wise decision since taking eyes off the road for a few seconds can have unfortunate consequences.

Men and women may be both distracted by fixing their hair from time to time. Most of the time brushing, braiding, pinning up, or tying back one’s hair requires the use of both hands. There is never a right time for this deed to be safe while steering the wheels of a dangerous piece of machinery. It may seem harmless at the time, but a distracted driver is one of the main causes for traffic collisions on the roadway.

Comedy Driving, a Texas defensive driving course, also recommends that sound in a car should be kept at a reasonable level. Music is very enjoyable and melodious to the ears but while on the road it can cause a driver to become less aware of the vehicle’s surroundings. Not only could the driver be distracted while playing an air guitar, but their mind is also absent drifting off into a rhythmic realm of beats and melodies. The best solution is to play music at non-obnoxious volumes to avoid being overwhelmed by the strong, moving effects of good music.

Undoubtedly, both sexes can be guilty for eating and driving. This action may sometimes require two hands or it may even require drinking a hot beverage which can temporarily impair a driver. If it is a large sandwich it may temporally blind the driver while they take a bite. Also, eating greasy food may leave a driver busy looking for something to wipe their hands with or end up with a slippery steering wheel.

Similarly, another common distraction the Texas defensive driving course would like to recognize: letting a pet ride in the driver’s seat, talking to others in the car, having an argument, texting, brushing teeth, putting on a tie, playing games on a smart device, looking at other good-looking motorists, looking at pedestrians walking on the street, checking football or basketball stats, working out, and the list goes on.    

A lot of these things seem to be inoffensive, but it takes just one second for a driver’s eyes to be off the road in order to create an accident. Traffic collisions can happen even to the most proficient drivers because other automobilists may not take driving seriously enough. The safest option is to make best efforts in decreasing the amount of potential distractions before putting the car in drive, and simply focus on the major task at hand while behind the wheel.

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