M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC Is Proud To Present The Newest Updates To Their Independent Living Program And Housing Project

Washington, D.C. based-special needs planning company has confirmed the release date for the first two special needs planning informational videos, accessible to housing database subscribers only.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 01, 2014

M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC has confirmed February 1st to be the official release date of their first two informational special needs planning videos. The first video, titled “Introduction”, discusses the history of M&L Special Needs Planning as a business, and delves into the personal and professional motivations that drive M&L staff to excel in the field of special needs financial and life planning. It also touches on the importance of ensuring that parents of children with special needs have completed all the steps necessary to secure a stable future for their family and their family member with a disability.

The second video focuses on M&L’s one of a kind Comprehensive Special Needs Financial Life Plan, and briefly outlines the steps necessary to ensure that you secure a financially stable and happy future for your family with special needs. In the video, financial planning expert Maedi Tanham Carney, CFP®, CWIC discusses what it means to financially plan for multiple generations, and delves into the kinds of issues and concerns that will be tackled as you examine your financial resources and assets and plan for life events such as putting your children through college, paying for independent living for your child with a disability, and planning for your retirement.

These informational videos will be accessible only to individuals who subscribe to M&L’s unique housing database, the Independent Living Program and Housing Project. This database contains more than 800 entries of independent living programs and housing options, service providers, and special needs organizations from across the United States. It also contains other very important housing information, i.e. journal articles, news articles, studies, and important financial information that is incredibly relevant to the special needs housing search. M&L founder, owner and special needs housing expert Maedi Tanham Carney describes the database as being a “one stop shop for all your special needs housing needs.”

This database is consistently updated to reflect new and changing housing programs, and to ensure that the special needs housing information is relevant and current. The informational videos “Introduction” and “Life Plan” are the latest updates, and the first two in a series of informational videos that are intended to educate subscribers as to the various steps of special needs financial and life planning. The videos will be released monthly, and cover topics such as Insurance Needs Analysis, Transitioning, and the Special Needs Trust, among others. Subscribers to the database will be notified when these videos, and any other new information, is uploaded to the database.

M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC help families plan for the future; whether it is financial, legal, or life planning, these knowledgeable experts can help families with special needs every step of the way. Through services such as their Comprehensive Special Needs Financial Life Plan, their special needs housing development initiatives, and their newly launched Independent Living Program and Housing Project these planning experts can help families secure financially stable, happy and independent adult lives for individuals with special needs. Those who wish to learn more about housing for individuals with disabilities and other financial and life planning services related to special needs planning can visit the M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC website and are encouraged to contact them for more information.