New Site Provides Practical Advice for Baby Boomers on Launching and Running a Home-Based Business

Pacifica Endeavors LLC launches website providing aging boomers with seasoned insights and sound advice on starting and operating home-based businesses.

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Our goal is to help boomers avoid costly pitfalls and expedite their path to home business success as a means of creating supplemental retirement income.

(PRWEB) February 05, 2014

Pacifica Endeavors LLC (PE) has launched a new website, Baby Boomer Home Business Advice (, where aging baby boomers can find seasoned insights and sound advice on starting and operating home-based businesses.

PE is an umbrella company for a network of business ventures, many of which are designed to assist older baby boomers seeking to retire on a struggling income. This newest website offers solid advice by those who operate successful home-based businesses. It is intended to help aging boomers running businesses out of a home office smooth their path to success.

“Many boomers lost much of their retirement savings and home equity during the Great Recession,” states Al Kernek, the website’s editor. “Now they are at – or approaching – retirement age without sufficient income. Millions more have lost their jobs and are experiencing difficulty in finding employment. The answer for many is to launch a business working out of a home office.”

Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every day. The age-65-and-older population is now over 40 million senior citizens, according to a recent Administration on Aging report. Most boomer retirees have modest incomes. A recent survey by TD Ameritrade discovered that 74% of boomers say they will have to rely heavily on Social Security in retirement. The majority cannot fully retire and must either work longer or find another means to supplement their income. Consequently, Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that boomers age 65 and older have a higher rate of self-employment than any other age group. Kernek adds, “Home-based businesses are an ideal means for older boomers to enjoy active, meaningful retirements while also supplementing their monthly income.”

Topics found on the Boomer Home Business Advice website range from entrepreneurial advice to opportunities and resources. Postings on the site are prepared by self-employed boomers with a wealth of experience. “Products and services are recommended on the site only if personally evaluated and used by the authors,” states Kernek.

“Our goal is to help boomers avoid costly pitfalls and achieve home business success,” notes Kernek. “We do this by freely providing seasoned advice that will help them enjoy a smoother path and avoid speed bumps. It is a forum offering practical wisdom on a variety of entrepreneurial subjects.”


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Al Kernek, CEO of Pacifica Endeavors LLC Al Kernek

CEO, Pacifica Endeavors LLC

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