Patients in Cave Creek, Carefree & Scottsdale AZ Now Have Access to Sleep Apnea Dentistry

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Dr. Shreedevi Thulasidas DDS, BDS, FAGD, MS (Dr. Devi) of Smile Design Specialists is now helping patients who suffer from sleep apnea. Dr. Devi can help patients with initial evaluation, home sleep study and designing an FDA approved dental device to treat sleep apnea.

Dr. Shreedevi Thulasidas (Dr.Devi) a prosthodontist who serves North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree area, can do the screening for sleep apnea and can offer highly affordable home sleep study for residents from these areas who suffer from sleep apnea. Dr.Devi works with board certified sleep physicians to come up with an accurate diagnosis of patient’s severity of sleep apnea condition. Dr.Devi highly recommends the home sleep study to diagnose sleep apnea as early as possible as this is a chronic debilitating disease that often goes undiagnosed because symptoms occur when sufferers are asleep.

Sleep apnea occurs when air passages are blocked during sleep. This can cause apnea which is complete stoppage of breathing or hypopnea which is 30% reduction in the airflow. Both Apnea and hypopnea can cause significant reduction in oxygen saturation of the blood which with time can lead to an array of medical condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, increase risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia and even cancer. The common symptoms of sleep apnea are loud snoring, gasping for air during sleep, waking up with tiredness, dry mouth, morning head ache, muscle and jaw pain. People who suffer from sleep apnea do not get enough sleep and consequently feels daytime tiredness and fatigue.

Sleep apnea is most commonly experienced by people who are over forty years old, as well as people who are overweight with large neck circumference. Males are more likely to be affected than females. An individual with physical features like an overly large tongue or narrow airway are also more likely to develop this condition. But it is important to realize that many people who do not fit into this description can still suffer from the effects of sleep apnea, and so it is important for patient to discuss their condition with doctors and get a diagnosis.

The home sleep study that Dr.Devi gives to patients is a small device that they wear at night in the comfort of their home to record sleep information and they bring it back to Dr.Devi the next day. The sleep data is then retrieved and send to a board certified sleep physician for diagnosis. If results are abnormal, then Dr.Devi will immediately notify patients. Dr.Devi closely follows sleep physicians recommendation for the appropriate management of patient’s sleep apnea.

Upon approval of an oral device from the physician, Dr. Devi can design an oral device that will help keep the patient’s airway open so that patient can breathe easily while asleep. This device is customized for each patient and it works by pulling the jaw forward into a position that optimizes the airway. Depending on the case, Dr. Devi may also advocate lifestyle changes like smoking cessation, sleep position changes and reduction in the amount of pain medications and weight reduction. Sometimes simple changes like these can help to lessen sleep apnea.

The sufferers of sleep apnea also may suffer from sleep related teeth grinding problems and temporomandibular joint pain and disease. Being a specialist dentist, Dr.Devi is highly qualified to take care of bite and joint problems exhibited by sleep apnea patients.

Individuals who may be suffering from sleep apnea can learn more about sleep apnea dentistry at

About The Doctor

Dr.Shreedevi Thulasidas DDS.MS (Dr.Devi) a prosthodontist with an additional three years of training in Implants, Crown and Bridge and Full Mouth Reconstruction. Dr. Devi obtained her DDS from Loma Linda University, CA. Dr.Devi received Implant Certification from New York University. After many years of private practice, Dr.Devi went back to academics and completed Masters Degree and Certificate in Prosthodontics from University of Alabama, Birmingham. This program is rated as one of the top in the nation. Dr.Devi is in private practice in North Scottsdale and she is the only Prosthodontist within 15 mile radius. Dr.Devi offers Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Sleep Apnea Solutions and TMD appliance. To learn more about Dr.Devi and Smile Design Specialists, visit the website call (480)488.9655.

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