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Screen Anytime works like a security camera, but for the computer screen. This useful employee monitoring software records everything that happens during each user session.

Screen Anytime

24x7 non-stop screen recording software for any and all on screen activities. Available for upload to a central service to build a monitoring network.

Screen Anytime is a powerful computer surveillance solution which allows administrators and supervisors to monitor staff while they are using company computers in the office. As soon as a user session begins, Screen Anytime starts recording everything which happens on the desktop. Using an extremely efficient and specialized compression algorithm, the program is able to store the video logs without taking up an enormous amount of space. The latest edition, 4.55, provides a major new feature; performance reporting. This feature displays an HTML pie chart and report detailing how each user spends their time in front of the computers at work. If they are spending too much time playing games, logged into Facebook or doing anything else which is not related to work, you will know about it quickly.

By default, Screen Anytime saves all log files on the local computer. However, you can also use the included synchronization service so that all logs are sent automatically to one terminal. This makes it possible to have a convenient, centralized management system where the administrator can view all the logs and performance reports online. It is possible to build a monitoring network by setup servers and agents in thing office, and know everything in search-able video.

Screen Anytime is easily configured, and you can set it to either automatically record every user session in full or only at specific times. You can also configure it to record only certain user accounts or applications uses. Find out more at

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