New Online Community Addresses the Challenges Associated with Chronic Pain

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An announcement from Dr. Webster today stated that a new online community is now available to help people who suffer from chronic pain and caregivers of people with chronic pain find solutions and share their experiences.

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What are the most effective methods for dealing with chronic pain?

Dr. Lynn Webster has introduced a new online community featuring chronic pain support groups to assist individuals and families with their challenges of living life with chronic pain. While many people know that constant torment from a medical condition isn’t pleasant, many of them are unaware of the long-term effects this has on mental health. Dr. Webster has spent his entire career fighting for appropriate therapy for the one in three Americans who suffer from chronic pain. During that time, he has heard endless stories from his patients about how no one understands them and their pain and many feel alone. Dr. Webster understands this, and that it is why he felt it was so important to build a community website where everyone can share and exchange their experiences. It is a place that lets these people know they are not alone and helps people find virtual solutions, hear the challenges others face, and share experiences that may help others who have loss due to their pain.

How does the new platform deal with addiction to pain medication?

Aside from the new chronic pain support groups, there are resources for helping individuals avoid the dark road of addiction. This is a critical step in dealing with chronic pain, as the temptation is so great to find relief. Unfortunately, many people who engage in supplemental escape from their pain often find themselves having to take more and more of that substance just to function day to day. The dangers of drug abuse and misuse cannot be overstated as there can be permanent damage to the nervous system, lungs, and heart, or even worse, cause death. Dr. Webster has found a way to reach out with a platform of empathy to beat addiction, and weave together a community of understanding and acceptance.

When does a story about a personal struggle become more than just a story?

Within the core of the chronic pain support groups, is a forum of sharing that is essential to feeling connected and appreciated in a world that sometimes seems bleak. This is why it is called dealing with chronic pain rather than simply coping. When someone shares their personal experience, it can be among the best forms of therapeutic relief. It is amazing how much simpler it is to come to terms with a difficult situation when seeing it through the eyes of another person. For example, perhaps a football player suffers from constant spasms in his back and describes how he deals with this from day-to-day. In this gem of written knowledge, he is actually creating a manual for how to maintain oneself during times of intense strife. There are sometimes great articles that help people find relief in places that they never knew about, or would not have approached previously in their lives. What this new online community is trying to achieve is to give a voice and a sense of purpose and belonging for millions of people who normally suffer silently, and often have issues with their personal relationships. This is also beneficial to friends and family, as it helps them to gain perspective on the trials that their beloved is experiencing, and they can better support them as a result. For more information, please visit:

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