Engagex Set 13,000 Policy Review Appointments in January

Engagex set 12,849 Policy Review appointments for its insurance agent customers last month, making January the most productive month yet.

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That helps agents sell a ton of insurance policies.

Provo, Utah (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

Engagex, (http://www.engagex.com) a customer engagement/marketing outsource company, achieved a new level of production and operational efficiency in January 2014, setting up 12,849 Policy Review appointments for its insurance agent clientele.

"That's almost 13,000 face-to-face selling opportunities that we set up for our clients, with their in-book customers," commented Engagex CEO, Carter Buck. "That helps agents sell a ton of insurance policies."

Engagex contracts directly with Property and Casualty insurance agents from several of the nation's largest insurance companies (both captive and independent), to contact an agent's existing book of business and invite those customers in for annual review of their insurance portfolio.

"Good agents know how to use a Policy Review appointment to look for gaps and overlaps in their customers' coverage," continued Buck. "And it's a win-win for both the customer and the agent, because the customer can bundle coverage with one agent, and save on their premiums, but the agent benefits because the average premium increases."

The milestone of setting 12,849 Policy Review appointments in one month results from Engagex's improving efficiency as a marketing outsource partner.

"We achieved an efficiency rating of 1.74 for January, which was also a performance record for us," said Nathan Leathers, Engagex's Chief Operations Officer. "What the 1.74 means is that on average, each Caller set 1.74 appointments per hour worked. It's phenomenal efficiency."

According to Leathers, the previous high for efficiency was a 1.56 rating, set in December in 2013.

"Setting nearly 13,000 Policy Review appointments in one month's time is quite an accomplishment," added Buck. "But customer contracts for February now call for about 18,000."

Engagex is a customer engagement/marketing outsource firm headquartered in Provo, Utah, providing multi-channel customer contact services for companies in the insurance, hospitality, telecommunications and retail industries. Engagex operates over 35,000 square feet of call center space and 600 seats. Learn more at http://www.engagex.com.



Engagex, Policy Review, insurance agents Engagex set nearly 13,000 Policy Review appointments for clients in January

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Engagex, Carter Buck, Policy Review, insurance agents Engagex CEO Carter Buck

Carter Buck. CEO, Engagex