Los Angeles Law Firm Praises Car Seat Rule

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a proposal that attempts to improve the protection offered to children in the event of a side collision. The personal injury lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group are praising this move while calling upon parents and drivers to do their part to encourage safety.

While not a design flaw per se, the safety oversights that this latest development seeks to correct can have a big impact during a crash.

Most parents understand the importance of strapping their children in to an appropriate car seat on every trip. The law requires these seats to be used and to meet a certain standard so that safety can be assured.

The rules regarding optimum usage are always changing to take into account the most recent research findings, and that point is illustrated by the recent news that the NHTSA will call for the adoption of a new safety test designed to reduce the threat posed to kids during a side collision.

The news was featured in a January 22 Associated Press article entitled “New Regs Sought For Child Car Seats.” By adhering to certain safety benchmarks, the hope is that the child won’t come into forceful contact with a crumpling vehicle interior or be exposed to jarring forces upon being sideswiped. The NHTSA believes the implementation of the new test could prevent 64 injuries and five fatalities on an annual basis.

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group are thrilled with this latest development. Larry Nagelberg has seen the repercussions of collisions and understands how even the slightest improvements can have big ramifications for safety.

“I’d like to applaud the NHTSA for taking this step,” said Mr. Nagelberg from Los Angeles. “While not a design flaw per se, the safety oversights that this latest development seeks to correct can have a big impact during a crash. By improving side protection, parents can have confidence that their children are in the safest set-up possible. When coupled with proper installation, the threat posed by any type of collision can be reduced dramatically.”

As Mr. Nagelberg hints, some of the responsibility for safety will still lie with the parent, regardless of the car seat unit in question. That’s why he has directed his team to put together some crucial tips on car seat shopping that parents can enact to further protect their kids from harm:

1. Don’t Wait To Emphasize Side Collision Protection- While not mandatory at the moment, there are some car seats available that have already been designed with side impacts in mind. Parents should conduct research to figure out what products currently offer the utmost protection.

2. Usage Must Be Mandatory- It should go without saying that a car seat can’t do its duty if it’s never used in the first place. Parents must buckle their children in to a size-appropriate model on every single commute, be that a cross-country road trip or a quick run to the store.

3. You Go Used, You Lose- Parents simply can’t trust a car seat that has been used in the past. It could have been involved in a crash without the previous owner disclosing that fact, and there may then be critical structural flaws that compromise the ability of the seat to protect a child.

4. Total Recall- Yet another reason why parents should be hesitant to purchase a used car seat, one never knows when a recall has been issued on an outdated or even a newer seat model. An uncorrected defect could be detrimental in the event of a crash. Conduct thorough research prior to any purchase to determine if a recall has been issued, and register all products so that you’ll be notified when a recall does come out.

5. Don’t Let Evolution Leave You Behind- An older model car seat may suffer from safety issues that have been corrected in recent product lines. The preceding announcement can serve as a reminder that safety is always advancing, and parents never want to risk being left behind. Make sure that the latest safety innovations are a consideration made prior to any purchase.

“These precautions, if used in conjunction with safe driving maneuvers on the part of the parent, can go a long way toward keeping any child safe in their car seat,” said Mr. Nagelberg.

The Nagelberg Bernard Law Group represents the victims of numerous types of personal injury situations, including automobile accidents, dog bites, slip and fall incidents, defective products, and wrongful death in any of the above. They have guided injured persons through the legal process for more than 30 years and their efforts have helped secure more than $400 million in compensation for clients. Click here for access to Los Angeles personal injury resources and a free consultation.

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