Tiecoon.com Announces Complimentary Tie And Shipping Program In Exchange For Links

Tiecoon.com, one of America's largest high quality neck tie wholesales, announces a new program to give away two free ties and shipping to anyone who links to Tiecoon from their website.

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Tiecoon.com's Necktie Mascot

This is a very rare and exceptional promotion we are experimenting with.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 05, 2014

The new program to give away neckwear is a marketing pilot for the young company.

The promotion requires a link to Tiecoon.com from anyone's website, blog, or online store (no Facebook or Twitter), and we will send a coupon valid for 2 free ties and free shipping.

The process is as follows:

1) Create a link to Tiecoon.com or tiecoon sub page that will remain up for at least 6 months (No Facebook or Twitter Links)
2) Raw links, anchor text links, or links in a short description are OK
3) Send an email to support(at)tiecoon(dot)com titled "LINKS", including your URL with the link
4) We will send a coupon for 2 free regular ties and shipping within 1 week after submission

The promotion ends 2/18/14.

"This is a very rare, and exceptional promotion we are experimenting with," TCDC president Jesse Pederson said. "If it is successful with our cheap necktie website, we may try it with our other sites."