Chiku Malunga, PhD, World Thought-Leader, Pioneer, Author Speaks at Anti-Corruption Day World Conference in Malawi WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2014

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At Request of Malawi’s Director General of Anti-Corruption Bureau to Commemorate Anti-Corruption Day Taking Place Today Before 300 Delegates – Comprised of All Sectors and Walks of Life – at Bingu International Conference Centre Under Theme, "Break The Silence, Stop Corruption," Follows Recent Cashgate Scandal Called “Worst Financial Scandal to Rock Country in Half-Century Existence” – Conference Opened by State President, Dr. Joyce Banda, Who Played Host to Liberian Fellow-Female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, on Recent Visit to Malawi, Sirleaf Had Branded Banda as "Woman of Substance"

Corruption is like a cancer. Once it infects a weak system it will spread throughout the system unless it is checked early and dealt with decisively.

No sooner off the heels of his recent book tour for "Understanding Organizational Sustainability" and "Power and Influence," had Malawi-based Indigenous Wisdom expert and author, Chiku Malunga, PhD, received the high-level request from the Country’ s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to make a speech presentation at their annual world event – the commemorated National Anti-Corruption Day Conference.

With today’s conference being opened by Malawi President, Dr. Joyce Banda, her appearance will be followed by other speeches and presentations on selected topics to evoke public debate among both attendees and listeners tuning into its global radio broadcast via Zodiak Radio.

This is the ACB’s update to the public on the status quo of their fight against corruption. It is at this prestigious conference, happing today, where the highly sought-after Dr. Malunga will take center stage to deliver his presentation. To entail a topical emphasis as specified by the ACB on, “Integrity and Leadership in the Fight Against Corruption.”

Imagine, bringing African indigenous Wisdom to society and today’s business culture. What Dr. Malunga is foremost recognized for, the world over. To now take his expertise, and on personal invitation from Malawi’s ACB, and to share it before the hundreds of delegates in attendance at the Conference, speaks to a level of intrigue for Dr. Malunga’s special command performance. Particularly in sight of meeting the strategic objectives of this annual event.

Dr. Malunga’s talk at today’s conference is quite sensitive, as most people in attendance will be looking to hear what he has to say. Given his world-recognized expertise and background in civil society, leadership development, and strategy from an African perspective, it’s not hard to understand his notoriety and perpetual command requests.

Today’s speech focus includes:

1.    The meaning of Leadership, not just as leaders, but a matured and responsible relationship between leaders and followers.

2.    Key challenges followers face is tackling corruption.

3.    Key challenges leaders face in tackling corruption.

4.    What leaders and followers can do to fight corruption more effectively.

As the whole conference and presentation will be captured live on national radio via Zodiak, participants will have a chance to discuss the issues being raised – where there will also be a live call- in session from listeners from all over the country at the end of the presentation. Listeners will be further provided with a contribution platform through sms’s and different social media such as Facebook and Twitter through which they shall make their views known on the issues to be raised.

Dr. Malunga continues to be in demand, and just previously, he had conducted a seminar in Ghana for the world distinguished organization, AFRICA LEAD. This request for him to speak evolved from their keen interest to learn how to apply African Indigenous Wisdom to their leadership development work. His invited participation with AFRICA LEAD further validates the significance of his Indigenous Wisdom-based message for an organization’s development and continued growth. A unique proficiency and world class innovation as further supported through his books, Understanding Organizational Sustainability through African Proverbs and Power and Influence: Self-Development Lessons from African Proverbs and Folktales, among other books. The collective information he offers between these titles places an emphasis on the African expression, UBUNTU (the essence of being human).

Dr. Malunga will also be featured in the next issue of Unity First/Forbes Diversity News.

A sought-after pioneer and a thought leader, he has successfully introduced the value of indigenous proverbial principles to the business class, as well as for achieving personal growth and development.

African proverbs are used to illustrate ideas, reinforce arguments and deliver messages of inspiration, consolation, celebration and advice. They are an integral part of African culture, in wide use today and very much part of everyday speech.

African Proverb:
“It is not money that builds a house. It is wisdom.”

With the Malawian community still reeling from the Cashgate blow, and in the midst of a recent visit made by Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to participate in a press conference with Banda, Sirleaf's visit to Malawi was perceived as in line with African solidarity. In one social commentary posted with an article which announced Sirleaf's arrival to Malawi, it stated… "Welcome to Malawi, Madam President. The country you have landed your feet has never experienced civil wars as is the case with your country. One thing you will learn from us is that we are not war loving people. Secondly, this is your last term in office. Learn from the host matrix of Cashgate lest you leave the office poorer. Enjoy the warm heart of Malawi, the Cashgate country." (Malawi Voice).

According to a recent report in Malawi Democrat, “Over K90 billion that is believed to have been siphoned off from treasury over the past two months…”

With the massive looting of state funds now famously known as the Cashgate scandal, according to Malawi’s former Economic Planning and Development Minister, Goodall Gondwe, dubbed the community’s economics sage, was recently featured being of the opinion claiming Cashgate was Banda's invention…

Dr. Malunga is also the author behind an earlier release, Oblivion or Utopia: the Prospects for Africa, which explains most of the problems on the continent stem from the fact that, although the continent may be politically independent, it is not economically independent. Efforts to reverse the continent's continuing underdevelopment have failed to-date, including trillions of dollars in aid, because they have not been consciously aimed at enabling Africa to turn its vast natural resources into wealth. The only known way of ensuring economic independence.

Of further relative interest, Dr. Malunga can be seen making an earlier appearance as part of an interview broadcast:

African Proverb:
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Dr. Malunga’s current schedule includes travel to South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya on consultancy and as part of his ongoing book tour.


Chiku Malunga, PhD, holds a doctorate degree in development studies from the University of South Africa. Noteworthy and globally in demand, he is the foremost sought-after expert for the application of Indigenous Wisdom-based principles into organizational structures. The internationally recognized thought-leader has many years expertise working with African, European and American organizations; having authored various Indigenous Wisdom-based performance improvement models including, UNDERSTANDING ORGANIZATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH AFRICAN PROVERBS and POWER AND INFLUENCE: SELF-DEVELOPMENT LESSONS FROM AFRICAN PROVERBS AND FOLKTALES, among others. Dr. Malunga is the founding director of CADECO (Capacity Development Consultants), a Malawi-based organization instrumental in bringing African Indigenous Wisdom to organizational development.

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