Filebeagle Announces New Media Server Beta

FileBeagle media server (MP3, Movies, iTunes access, DLNA, and regular files access) - Beta is immediately available for OS X, Linux, and Windows at

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Media at your fingertips; MP3, iTunes access, and DLNA server included.

Fayetteville, AR (PRWEB) February 07, 2014

Filebeagle ( supports MP3 playback via HTML5 and Flash, sharing files, M3U creation, PLS creation, iTunes database reading, and simply using HTTP to download the file (e.g. to VLC or some other viewer).

In addition, a DLNA server is available for streaming Music and Movies.

It has been verified to work on iPhone (Safari/Chome), Android (Firefox), Windows XP, Linux, and OS X.

Installation currently consists of downloading the zip file, unzipping, and running your OS's file.

The source code is available on github (

FileBeagle, LLC is an opensource company that focuses on an end user experience. For example, while running the server on your desktop you can access all your media on your mobile phone (no pesky storage limits).