A 21st Century Play With Shakespeare-Style Language Has Been Released By Lulu Press

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Writer Marcus Brady’s innovative 21st century play “Dark, Love, and Light” has been released globally by Lulu Press.

The play has a distinct international appeal

“Dark, Love, and Light", a 21st century play with Shakespeare-style language, by new writer Marcus Brady, has been released worldwide by Lulu Press (Trade paperback, 170 pages – $14.99). It is available at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and other online booksellers. Physical bookstores can order it through Ingram.

“Dark, Love, and Light", described by Online Review of Books and Current Affairs as “creative and unique”, surely qualifies as being a milestone in the history of literature. The play uniquely fuses the modern world of the 21st century with rich Shakespeare-style language. Written in verse, the play is set in Ireland, England, and the U.S.

Love, as the title suggests, is a major theme of the play. In Spiddal, Galway, Ireland, the lead character Annabel O’Connor and English boy Orville Whitworth are eighteen and in love with each other. They have a first date in Annabel’s local church – her unusual choice. Soon after this, Annabel, Orville, their English friend Kara Stevenson, other friends, and family attend a special ceremony for the historic and global Irish diaspora, that is held at Galway Airport, and attended by multiple world leaders.

Following the ceremony Annabel parts company with Orville and Kara for a time. She travels with her father, and her friend Josie, to Denver, U.S.A. There they meet Habib, a Saudi Arabian friend of her father’s, who takes them as guests to a multimedia entertainment company launch, and also shows them around his local mosque. Orville and Kara, meanwhile, travel with their friend Preston to Birmingham, England. There Orville plays a rugby match as a guest player for his old club Young Dexterity against old rivals The Mobilisers. Kara and Preston watch. The three also pay a visit to Orville’s English family home.

Back in Ireland, Kara celebrates her eighteenth birthday at a party attended by Annabel, Orville, and other friends. This is soon followed by an encounter for Annabel and Josie with lesbians in a warehouse; a short film set on a lake; a visit to an Earth Exhibition in Dublin for Annabel, Orville, Kara, and others; and many other things in many other places. On their journey through the events of “Dark, Love, and Light” the characters of the play learn a lot about love, wisdom, experiences, understanding, and life in its diversity.

“Dark, Love, and Light” is unique in that it is both an Irish play, being largely based in Ireland, and an international play. Two of the three main characters are English, and many of the other characters in the play are of non-Irish nationality also. The characters actually come from all over the world. Six of the scenes in the play are set outside Ireland also (in England and America). The play has a distinct international appeal.

The play is longer than usual for a play, being of a similar length to Shakespeare’s longest play “Hamlet” (it’s actually slightly longer than “Hamlet”). The play is also wide-ranging in content, with a large number of subjects and topics being discussed or touched upon throughout.

Author Marcus Brady says, “I spent a great deal of time working on “Dark, Love, and Light”: thousands of hours. I really believe that it was worth it; I’m really happy with the result. The play has depth and complexity, but I wrote the play in such a way as to make it appealing and accessible not merely to readers of literature but the general reader also. And so I’m proud of “Dark, Love, and Light”, and I think people who read it will be impressed by its quality of language, its diversity of content, and its enjoyable, engaging characters. I am confident that this unique 21st century play with Shakespeare-style language will, in time, become known as a milestone in the history of literature.”

More information about and excerpts from “Dark, Love, and Light” is available at http://www.marcusbradyonline.com.

About Marcus Brady

Marcus Brady is an Irish writer of plays and novels. He's been an avid reader and writer from an early age. He has an active imagination and loves to bring his characters to life in writing. His plays are unique in that they are 21st century plays written in verse with Shakespeare-style language.

Editors: Author photo and book cover images are available upon request. The author is also available for interviews. Contact Brady using the contact information above.

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