Teeth Bonding for Dental Restoration

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TM Prosthodontics, a Miami dental specialists’ office, announces a new and improved service for repairing damaged or misshapen teeth.


Teeth are very difficult to change. Once they have been damaged, misaligned, discolored, or lost, there is simply no natural way to restore them to their original or intended state. This is where dental specialists come in, using modern technologies to replace, repair, or augment natural teeth. With recent advancements, such as tooth bonding, teeth can easily return to a pristine state of health.

Tooth bonding is essentially a process of applying chemical enamel to teeth after carefully preparing them for the procedure. This “resin” is bonded to the tooth, and then formed into the needed shape by the dental specialist.

TM Prosthodontics, a dentist in Miami, announced today that they now offer this new and improved way to repair teeth. There are several dentists in Miami that provide this service, but TM is widely regarded as one of the best and most affordable.

A tooth bonding procedure can typically be accomplished in just one appointment, and can have a range of dental benefits. A dental bond can repair decayed teeth (by filling cavities), repair chipped or cracked teeth, to bolster the appearance of stained or discolored teeth, to close or shorten large spaces between teeth, to make the teeth appear larger or change their shape, to protect exposed roots, and more.

The application process is typically short. The dental professional simply etches the surface of the teeth or a tooth, which allows the bonding chemical to more firmly take hold, then applies the bonding liquid. After the liquid sets, the resin that forms the final outward layer of the tooth is put in place, which the dentist molds into the necessary shape. After it has been applied and set in, the dentist trims the resin and polishes it until it has a fully natural appearance.

TM Prosthodontics' Dr. Tal Morr does a complete examination of patients’ dental situation to make sure that the dental bonding process is right for them. If a patient is a good candidate for bonding, he recommends the scheduling of the bonding appointment as soon as possible.

About TM Prosthodontics: TM Prosthodontics offers a variety of dental procedures, from teeth veneers to inlays & onlays, teeth bonding, dental bridges, crowns, full mouth dental implants, dentures, bleaching, and more. TM is also a dental surgery center, and as such can perform procedures from alloderm grafting to full mouth reconstruction.

TM Prosthodontics is available by appointment between 8AM and 5PM from Monday to Thursday. Call TM Prosthodontics for an evaluation into whether dental implants in Miami might be a possibility. They can be reached at 305-935-6066 or at http://www.tmprosthodontics.com/.

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