Franchises and Multi-Unit Businesses Experience the Power of Consolidated Financial Reporting at No Cost with Qvinci Software's New Cloud Offering

Users may now consolidate financial data from two locations in their network and run reports in Enterprise, our most powerful product, at no charge and with no time limit; Qvinci® FREE allows prospective customers to experience the power of Qvinci®’s consolidation and financial reporting cloud solution, risk-free, before deploying across 100, 1000, or 10,000 units.

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You'll quickly see the benefits . . . smarter, more efficient, more responsive, and more profitable management of your business.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

Qvinci Software has just made its flagship product, Qvinci® Enterprise, free for two locations.

Charles Nagel, CEO, stated, “Every franchise and multi-unit enterprise can now see how quickly and seamlessly Qvinci® consolidates operating files from the field, and how Qvinci® allows users to generate crystal-clear financial reports and actionable intelligence from the data. There’s zero risk, because Qvinci® FREE is just that – completely free, with no trial expiration date. Users are viewing their own financial and operating data as it is being entered into their accounting system.”

With Qvinci® FREE, users experience the full functionality of Enterprise, with the exception of benchmarking (and that’s only because the data set of two locations is not large enough to permit meaningful benchmarking). That functionality includes automatic data sync, support for hosted files, critical financial reports, by-location reports, vertical analysis, mapping to a standard chart of accounts, intelligent operational analysis, pre-set and custom date ranges, early-warning alerts and email reports. See the full list here.

For businesses with one or two locations, Qvinci® FREE gives them the same powerful financial reporting and business-intelligence solution used by some of the largest franchises and multi-unit enterprises in the world – at no cost.

Nagel added, “I encourage every franchise and multi-unit enterprise that does not have a robust, dynamic financial reporting solution – one that automatically pulls data from each field unit, consolidates the data, and provides an intuitive user interface to quickly extract actionable intelligence – to go to our website, take a Qvinci® FREE account, and sync two locations.”

“You’ll quickly see the benefits. Instant visibility to current financial and operating data, by location and consolidated across the enterprise, with a myriad of reports and business intelligence at your fingertips, means smarter, more efficient, more responsive, and more profitable management of your business.”

“If you’re running Qvinci®, you’ll be three moves ahead (while the competition is waiting for data from the field or trying to decipher the incoherent and incomplete mess they do have; forget about knowing how to use it). Your entire team will appreciate the positive impact on the bottom line of your business.”


About Qvinci Software and Qvinci®:

Qvinci Software is the creator of Qvinci®, an industry-leading, highly-secure, cloud-based solution that automatically collects and consolidates in seconds an unlimited number of QuickBooks®, Excel®, Xero®, and MYOB® files, wherever located, in an enterprise-class interface that gives the user a vast array of tools to analyze and act on the data, for better decisions, competitive advantage, and improved profitability.

Intuit® has selected Qvinci® as the financial reporting/business intelligence application for its Franchise Solution Program.

More information:
2-minute explainer
Test Drive
James Wallace at jamesw(at)qvinci(dot)com or 512-585-6019
Charles Nagel at charlesn(at)qvinci(dot)come or 512-637-7337 x300
Qvinci is a registered trademark of QuickDash, LLC, dba Qvinci Software.


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Qvinci Dashboard Qvinci Dashboard Overview

An intuitive UI that allows you to see and understand your most important financial data fresh from the field. Know where your enterprise stands and where to focus, before you finish your morning coffee.

Qvinci Reporting Reporting by Location

One of many reporting features in Qvinci. After a few minutes on the dashboard overview, click reporting to see financial reports, compare units, and apply intelligent filters to find the optimal operating initiatives to maximize revenue and profits.