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(PRWEB) February 16, 2014

Carefully created by professional audio engineers, OmBinaural is a cutting-edge technology that aims at increasing users’ levels of creativity and concentration. It contains binaural beats that affect brain wave patterns and bring exert beneficial impact on humans. Thanks to beautiful arranged tunes and rhythmic music, users can enter the Alpha state within minutes.

OmBinaural includes 5 audio tracks, each of which is available in 2 versions: a 12-minute version and a 5-minute version. Audio Track #1, Free Mind, helps users forget their worries and set their minds free. Audio Track #2, The Wonder, changes what users think about meditation. Users will feel uplifted, being able to get away from their problems. Audio Track #3, The Focus, helps users focus on a given task. Audio Track #4, Creative Mind, enables users to generate great ideas and tackle tough problems easily. Audio Track 5, Relax & Rest, keeps users deeply relaxed and brightens their mood.

OmBinaural gives users valuable bonuses to assist them in meditation. Firstly, Bonus Audio Track #1, Zen State, can help users create a connection between their mind and their body. Secondly, The Five-Minute Meditation Guide allows users to experience all benefits of medication in 5 minutes and meditate for longer periods of time. This Ebook also focuses 2 meditation techniques including mindfulness medication and zen medication. Last but not least, users will gain full access to the Member’s Area to receive new meditation tracks, meditation tips, expert interviews and much more.

OmBinaural consisting of high-quality mp3 files can be played on any laptop and portable media player. Its physical version comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Any dissatisfied customer can demand a full refund without having to return the CD.

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