A New Video Release from Blakhat.tv Starring Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead

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Chapter V: ‘Creatures, starring Norman Reedus Los Angeles based Blakhat.tv, the emerging voice for the silenced truths, have released their vignette Chapter V: ‘Creatures’, starring Norman Reedus.

Chapter V: ‘Creatures, starring Norman Reedus, Los Angeles based Blakhat.tv, the emerging voice for the silenced truths, have released their vignette Chapter V: ‘Creatures’, starring Norman Reedus.

"This is your world. We all have the ability to make it better for everyone. This is your life you are living. Do not let anyone tell you differently. The world has been created and changed by mankind, and now it seems we have become so accepting of the dumbed down art and culture these days, that the time has come again for a spiritual awakening. You are now just buying all the new pop, trendy, soft music, fashion and lifestyle that has been specifically and perfectly targeted with technological precision to you and your sheep-like herd of like-minded followers. Willingly, you accept mediocre 'product' as art and culture. You have long forgotten that you have a voice in our society and you seem to be okay with not speaking it, and remaining lost in cyberspace. Art is imagination altered into tangible form. Life imitates art, making it more clear everyday why our culture stagnates. You now give away all your secrets and information voluntarily and for free! Well, someone just made a billion! If you feel content accepting non-art and non-talent as the new norm, and if you forgot how to speak your truths and speak from your heart, blakhat.tv will empower you to dig deep within yourself and rediscover who you really are. These short form features will focus on the world we live in, the world you live in, living the life you want to live or just living in the worlds of others and dying to be accepted. We all have a voice. We have clearly forgotten how to speak our truths, and speak them from our hearts," quoting The Blakhat.

It is possible to have an opinion without tweeting an apology the next day because someone was offended. Perhaps one will see that it is all just money men connecting the world to the largest, all-inclusive pacifier ever created. All perfectly disguising the real world and real truths. Those truths were the ones which mankind used to control, and more importantly, used to believe they could change. Now the world happily accepts karaoke pop ‘singers', reality show bores, teleprompter reading politicians, smiling bankers, and 5000 year old stories now called religion. It is not about how many new followers one has today, God being in that smart phone or smiling for that selfie. Ideas last forever, faces do not. "Pull your head up, and once you take a break from your online popularity contest, look around at this perceived reality, and decide if it really is your truth.”

What is Blakhat? Your truths wanted dead or alive.

Any time, day or night, Blakhat.tv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhAcdhdq8sY

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