Earth Source Organics Prepares for Saint Valentine’s February Celebration of Love

Righteously Raw Chocolates harness the power of chocolate and roses in the perfect-for-Valentine’s-Day Rose Bar.

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Rose Maqui Bar

The Rose Bar is beautifully high vibrational, and a wonderfully positive gift to give your Valentine this year.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Earth Source Organics (ESO) figures: What better gift to give than roses and chocolate in one? Ramping up their production of the Rose Bar, Righteously Raw Chocolates is ready to meet the demand of lovers nationwide.

The Rose Bar is a special creation, being extremely close to the President Audrey Darrow’s heart as well as a superfood powerhouse that makes a unique sweet treat to give in lieu of the live roses and over-processed, refined sugar-filled chocolates that are characteristic of the holiday’s typical gifts. Crafted in loving memory of Audrey’s daughter Jaymie Rose, the Rose Bar features a Maqui berry truffle mixed with real rose hips and petals.

The therapeutic benefits of the rose hips and petals combine with the free-radical fighting antioxidants in the raw bar. The rose ingredients offer soothing properties for the mind and body, along with an array of vitamins and bioflavonoids. “The Rose Bar is beautifully high vibrational, and a wonderfully positive gift to give your Valentine this year,” Audrey explains. “It embodies Jaymie Rose’s energy and loving spirit, and is our expression of Earth Source Organics’ commitment to love, healing, and connection through one chocolate bar at a time.”

This year, ESO suggests a gift of healthy, positive energy, and rose-filled chocolate as a creative alternative to the traditional bouquet of temporary flowers and red heart-shaped box of candy. This loving gift, with its positive message and beneficial ingredients, won’t fade with time, but rather will live on in the hearts of those that ingest every morsel.

More About Righteously Raw Chocolates:

Righteously Raw is the gourmet chocolate brand of the certified organic food manufacturing company Earth Source Organics. Based in Southern California, this company is on a mission to provide organic and delicious foods to its customers to help them lead happy, healthy lives. For more information and to find Righteously Raw Chocolates near you, please visit

To learn more about Earth Source Organics’ consciously chosen and sourced ingredients, please contact Audrey Darrow at (760) 734-1867 or info(at)earthsourceorganics(dot)com