PEMF - The Fifth Element of Health - Amazon's #1 Selling Book on PEMF

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Author Bryant Meyers releases book on PEMF - The Fifth Element of Health; book quickly reaches #1 on Amazon.

PEMF therapy is based on modern quantum field theory, as Meyers explains in his book

Bryant Meyers is well known for his expertise in energy-based medicine and healthcare, and now he has an exciting new book on the market. PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health is an in-depth look at how we have lost touch with the Earth’s healing energies, and how we can easily reconnect by making changes in our lives. PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, are emitted naturally by the Earth itself, and are so vital to human life that NASA and the Russian space program replicate them for astronauts living in space. PEMF therapy is based on modern quantum field theory, as Meyers explains in his book. This all natural approach to medicine promotes deeper sleep, stronger bones, improved circulation and better healing; all of which lead to increased energy, strength, vitality and flexibility.

The Fifth Element of Health is extensively researched, as evidenced by the lengthy bibliography. As result, Meyers has produced an exhaustive resource on PEMF therapy, which both experts and newcomers will find indispensable. In fact, it is one of the only books currently on the market to tackle this revolutionary topic, and certainly the most comprehensive title to do so. The book details the barriers we have set up against the revitalizing energy that the Earth naturally produces, as well as problems with modern medicinal solutions to our pain. The final chapter outlines how to take action, and create more fulfilling, energized lives for ourselves. Meyers shows that dedication to our bodies in tune with our planet’s PEMFs will reveal a naturally healing path towards health and wellness.

For more information, and a free sample of Bryant Meyers’ PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health, you can visit the book’s website, The full title is now available in hardcover ($25.51) and paperback ($12.46), or for digital download ($3.03) on

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