Dr. Ira Williams Announces the Beginning of a Series of Open Letters Regarding What is Really Wrong with Healthcare

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Dr. Williams, author of Find The Black Box, and a patient safety expert is beginning a series of Open Letters (http://is.gd/wdU2CM) that will illustrate how the greatest healthcare system in the world can also be, at the same time, the third greatest source of tragic deaths. This series of Open Letters will also try to determine how the constantly increasing estimates of needless hospital deaths annually can continue to fly under the major media radar, and remain so unreported.

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“How can the greatest healthcare system in the world also be the third leading source of tragic deaths?”

Even with a perfect solution for how to pay for healthcare after-the-fact, people (patients) when sick or injured, would continue to enter the healthcare delivery system. And Dr. Williams has described that aspect of healthcare as “a well-recognized ‘non-system’ that continues to be unorganized, dysfunctional, and far too often, needlessly deadly for those that system was meant to serve.”

Dr. Williams goes on to say, “Tragically, there are clearly evident reasons why the healthcare delivery system is far less than it could, or should be. Furthermore, many of those reasons have long been either unrecognized or ignored by those seeking to improve the quality of healthcare and patient safety.”

Dr. Williams continues, “The first major patient safety advancements occurred in Europe in the mid-1800s, and the same causes of needless patient’s deaths addressed by that combination of advances then continue to vex our current healthcare delivery system today. Dr. Atul Gawande, in his article, SLOW IDEAS, THE NEW YORKER (http://is.gd/UlAc8x) mistakenly credited Louis Pasteur with the patient safety measures for which Semmelweis paid for with his life. Semmelweis, and not the equally important Louis Pasteur, was the first to recognize, and publish, on the importance of hand and instrument hygiene and antiseptic methods in patient care.” Dr. Williams provides evidence in his new series of Open Letters based on fundamental facts as to why those basic patient safety measures first recognized a century and half ago are still not given the recognition and constant use they should demand even in hospitals today.

Dr. Williams, in Find The Black Box (http://is.gd/UK4Uk0) plans to use this new series of Open Letters to connect many of the dots necessary to illustrate what has always been fundamentally wrong with the current healthcare delivery system, and he offers a logical and doable process to begin to completely reorganize that current non-system. Links for references will be included at the end of each Open Letter.

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