Debt Advice Software, Offered To Consumers At No Cost, Marks The First Use Of A Newly Patented Artificial Intelligence Decision Making System

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A Free Debt Advice page sponsored by Partners In Charity and Financial Firebird Corporation marks the first program to use a new patented system incorporated into an automated interface to help consumers deal with their unsecured debt in the best way for their own personal financial circumstances. New methods for artificial intelligence decision making received US patent protection and by definition acknowledgment of the system's novel approach to issues faced by consumers dealing with complex issues normally requiring an expert.

Free Unsecured Debt Advice

Free Debt Advice - Based On Patented Artificial Intellegence Software

With this free system consumers can learn about the next steps to take in the privacy of their own home without any cost, obligation or contact from service providers unless the consumer specifically initiates it.

A new innovative personal debt analysis system, based on patented artificial intelligence software, became public recently. Partners In Charity, the non-profit sponsor of the site, provides the new program, offering completely free debt advice for all consumers in the United States. Programmed in conjunction with Financial Firebird Corporation, and a former debt and bankruptcy attorney, the system employs powerful analysis to help point people with unsecured debt in the right direction to deal their medical and credit card bills in a proper way.

The new patented artificial intelligence decision making methods stand apart from previous systems in many ways. Most existing artificial intelligence systems merely rank choices in order returning the winner to the user. The new patented method provides additional analysis for better outcomes. First the choices go through a comparative evaluation. For example, rather than reporting solution A ranked highest and stopping there, the program ranks all solutions against each other comparatively with a result that while some choices may look better than another, they stand close enough that the user should also examine them as alternative options. The system also conducts a qualitative analysis to determine the independent value of the selections. This allows the user to understand the importance of the output. In some cases the results from the software might represent the perfect answer. In other cases the program identifies the best outcome, but knows enough to alert the consumer that the choice merely represents the best out of a group of bad options where all rank as unacceptable.

To think of the whole concept in a basic way, which also differentiates it from prior artificial intelligence programs, the new patented method operates as an expert. Some artificial intelligence programs allow the user to make decisions they already know how to make, but faster and in greater volumes, yet only with the expertise that they bring to the table in the first place. This new system acts as the expert, with a purpose of potentially suggesting options that the user never knew existed using methods well beyond their comprehension. Yet, consumers should not think of the program as legal advice or substitute it for legal advice about their debt. Rather they should use it to become informed about solutions and a more educated customer when engaging a debt professional, like a lawyer to complete the debt elimination task.

The system offers suggested solutions without any cost, obligation or further contact, the consumer must pick up the ball from there to take any action including reading articles offering more free debt information. The systems ten potential solutions include credit card debt settlement, non-profit credit counseling, chapter 13 bankruptcy and chapter 7 filing amongst others.

Most people deep in debt trouble don’t even know ten solutions exist to deal with their credit card debt or medical debt, let alone which method suits their personal financial situation. With this free system consumers can learn about the next steps to take in the privacy of their own home without any cost, obligation or contact from service providers unless the consumer specifically initiates it.

About Partners In Charity And Financial Firebird Corporation

For 12 yrs now Partners In Charity has helped thousands of American home owners every year. PIC provides hands on home owner counseling, construction, & education. Most services are FREE of Charge, all services to struggling home owners struggling home owners are Free, including crisis budget counseling. We continue our daily mission to build & rehab homes for our veterans & seniors.

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Radio stations interested in promoting the system may participate in the PSA program by airing the attached spot. Those interested in licensing the patented system or purchasing other rights may contact Financial Firebird Corporation.

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