A New Approach for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Westwood California

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Westwood California Doctor, Murray Susser MD announces a new approach for both diagnosing and treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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Dr. Murray Susser MD announces a new approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Westwood, California,

Dr. Susser is announcing his expanded approach to help people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This approach includes both diagnoses and treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrom. Dr. Murry Susser co-authored the book, “Solving the Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome“. When CTS is discovered, he has defined a unique method to address these situations, with success. Dr. Susser has been recognized by other leading edge Physicians, such as the East Coast Godfather of Alternative Medicine. Dr. Warren Levin, who stated this was a “Landmark discovery in Medicine.”

The definition of CFS was and is “Greater than 50% debility for over 6 months, WITH NO KNOWN CAUSE.” The expanded definition included muscle pain and tenderness, swollen glands with fever and malaise, rash, neurologic dysfunction, sore throats and other signs of systemic infection that could all be explained by Lyme infection, as well as many other conditions. Once a legitimate cause is discovered, it is no longer CFS. It is Chronic Fatigue caused by some documented infection such as LD, Tuberculosis, tooth or sinus abscess, Urinary tract infection, and of course, bacterial, parasitic or yeast infection of the gut.

Dr. Susser states: "Dr. Rosenbaum and I postulated the likelihood of Mixed Infection Syndrome (MIS) which was not accepted widely before the discovery that Lyme Disease often has with it “co-infections” which can be contracted from the same tick as Borrelia (Lyme tick). In those days, Lyme Disease was really under the radar of conventional medicine. Now that we know that much so-called CFS, is really the emerging borrelia bug causing Lyme Disease, we shall be much more effective in dealing with both conditions."

"Often people with CTS or MIS go to multiple Doctors without receiving accurate diagnosis or treatment". As a result, there are many people who do not learn what is wrong with them. In one instance, he treated a patient who went to 64 different doctors, with no results. She was experiencing fatigue and debilitating pain. Her quality of life was “terrible” in her words. Once Dr. Susser identified the initial cause, which in this case was bio-toxins. He treated it successfully. With the proper treatment her condition started improving.

To learn more about Dr. Susser's new approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Westwood, California, please go to http://www.murraysussermd.com.

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