Vessel Data Logging to SD Memory Now Available for SeaSmart Network Adapters

Data Logging of vessel NMEA 2000 bus information to SD memory and upload to internet Cloud Services is now available for all SeaSmart network adapters.

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full vessel NMEA 2000 data logging to SD memory with integrated Cloud base Search Engine analysis

Brookings, OR (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

Chetco Digital Instruments has introduced a new SeaSmart vessel network adapter featuring data logging directly to SD Memory. SeaSmart SDL™ interfaces directly to vessel data networks and records all parameters to an internal SD memory card which can be removed for upload to the Company’s™ Cloud servers. SeaSmart SDL™ is available with network options for Serial (NMEA 0183), USB, or NMEA 2000 and can record over a years worth of information before an upload is required. When connected to an established NMEA 2000 network, SeaSmart SDL™ will record several hundred vessel parameters in adjustable intervals from 1 second to hours.

A major benefit of the new SeaSmart SDL™ is seamless integration with Chetco Digital Instruments™ Cloud data services. Recorded SD data can be transferred to Cloud Servers using a simple Browser access page where it is then instantly added to the HelmSmart database. Once in the Cloud database, customers can search and view information using a variety of analysis and display tools. Cloud data storage provides fast and reliable access to vessel data using any browser enabled device.™ display tools include mapping (, Graphing (, and multidimensional data search.

SeaSmart SDL™ is directly powered by the NMEA 2000 interface providing a very simple installation. The additional 6 switch status inputs and 2 voltage sense inputs allow for expanded vessel monitoring of batteries, bilges, hatches, and more. With the optional GPS module, SeaSmart SDL™ can provide a complete vessel monitoring solution.

“We created SeaSmart SDL™ as a baseline data acquisition module for our data services” commented Joe Burke CTO for Chetco Digital. An existing NMEA 2000 bus is all that is required to collect hundreds of parameters on SD memory for up to a year before transfer to the HelmSmart Database. “™ is the first commercial NMEA 2000 database solution available to the general public with an industry standard Search Engine based JSON API” he added. Not only can customers use the pre-configured™ and™ Web Browser portals, the JSON based API allows developers easy access to the database engine for custom app development. Developers can register for an API KEY to access NMEA 2000 data without any detailed knowledge of the Protocol specification.

SeaSmart SDL™ is the complement to a product line update for all SeaSmart adapters which now offer SD data logging and direct sensor interface options. With the launch of the HelmSmart™ Cloud service, any SeaSmart device can capture and upload NMEA 2000 bus data for internet access. Up to 4G byte of internal SD storage will provide over a year’s worth of vessel data which can be upload at anytime to the search engine service.

SeaSmart SDL™ is available with a Serial/USB interface option or NMEA 2000 interface. All models include 6 Switch/Status inputs (Open/Close) and 2 voltage sense inputs (12/24V) With a footprint of only 4" X 2" X 2" and a power draw of less than 500mA, the water-resistant SeaSmart SDL™ adapter is perfect for Sail boats or other small craft that demand compact low-impact equipment. products are available directly on-line at and Pricing starts at $245 for USB/Serial and $395 for the basic NMEA 2000. Volume and kit pricing is available.

For more information on SeaSmart.Net™ visit For SeaGauge™, and other Chetco Digital Instruments products, and where to buy, see our web site at, email or call 541 469 4783. For information on the new HelmSmart™ Cloud data service visit



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