OCENS iPad GRIB Explorer releases with Iridium GO! The first mobile weather application to be compatible with Iridium’s launch of satellite Wi-Fi

OCENS’ announced its entrance into the mobile app space with the introduction of GRIB Explorer (GE) for the iPad and built-in compatibility with Iridium’s paradigm changing Iridium GO!(TM) satellite Wi-Fi device.

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SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

OCENS’ announced its entrance into the mobile app space with the introduction of GRIB Explorer (GE) for the iPad and built-in compatibility with Iridium’s paradigm changing Iridium GO!(TM) satellite Wi-Fi device. GRIB Explorer iPad merges the unparalleled weather, ocean and fishing data processing power of its PC and Mac versions with the dexterity of the iPad platform and the global coverage of the Iridium® satellite network. GE iPad uses Iridium GO! to access OCENS satellite data service from anywhere on earth.

Iridium GO! is an innovative, trend-setting product that redefines who can make use of satellite communications. Iridium GO! transforms the user experience by enabling a Wi-Fi link to bridge the connection between end-user apps running on smartphones and tablets through the Iridium network. In doing so, it sweeps away the complexity of cabling, drivers and dial-up networking and replaces them with the one-finger simplicity of selecting the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi app on your mobile device.

“Iridium GO! will change how smartphones are used.” states OCENS President and CEO Mark Freeberg. “This not only broadens the community of people who depend on Iridium services but deepens the capacity of existing customers to make use of the global reach and full benefits of the Iridium network. We are excited to be one of the earliest mobile app developers for Iridium GO! and the very first company to make weather, ocean and fishing data available to Iridium GO! users with GRIB Explorer iPad.”

OCENS has imbedded its data service into the GE iPad app. Users select the data products and region of interest to them in GRIB Explorer’s offline data library. GRIB Explorer then reaches out to Iridium GO! and quickly retrieves those data over the Iridium network before auto-disconnecting and displaying the information in stunning detail on the iPad. The unique analytical tools which have made GRIB Explorer the definitive GRIB processing software on the PC and Mac are then deployed to extract system, mission and even life-critical information from these data. Just some of the data available through GE iPad, OCENS data services and Iridium GO! include ocean and global winds, waves, ocean currents, surface pressure, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, lifted index and 500 mb levels. Extensive sets of high resolution sea surface temperature, sea surface height, salinity, chlorophyll and mixed layer depth are available for recreational, big game and commercial fishers.

About OCENS, Inc.
OCENS data services, software and apps merge easy-to-use applications with unprecedented content offerings to affordably deliver data over satellite phones to remote users around the world. OCENS weather, ocean and fishing services provide access to the largest collection of GRIB and classical data that can be found anywhere. Using patented pull-me technology, OCENS WeatherNet provides fast access to the world’s widest selection of weather and ocean information over PC and Mac platforms. GRIB Explorer processes highly compressed GRIB information into unique decision products for use on PC, Mac or iPad platforms. MetMapper transforms static weather charts and satellite imagery into dynamic planning tools. OCENS’ iPhone, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry apps provide weather and messaging services to the smartphone community. Its SpotCast weather service provides multi-day, multi-point forecasts of weather and ocean conditions for any point on earth in a highly compact form. OCENS augments its software core with satellite equipment and airtime solutions it provides in cooperation with all the major satellite providers.



GRIB Explorer iPad GRIB Explorer iPad

GRIB Explorer iPad GRIB viewer screen shot

GRIB Explorer iPad GRIB Explorer iPad

Sea Surface Temp, Sea Surface Currents

Iridium GO! Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! Wi-Fi