Revolutionary Pain Relief Cream Now Available by Total Health - Could Be the Answer to Your Pain Problems

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New research proves Advantage Pain Relief by Total Health is the first all natural, aloe based pain relief cream proven to effectively reduce back pain, tennis elbow and sore muscles.

Pain is proven to be the bodies most complex condition because it varies in individuals and is difficult to define. This is one of the reasons experts have had a hard time finding a solution to even the most common pain problems. For generations, alternative remedies and all natural products have come and gone. We may be finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, researchers have been able to show the overwhelming results that aloe based creams can produce when properly grown and produced.

A revolutionary pain cream called Advantage Pain Relief is now harnessing the power of aloe and is finally coming to the market after years of development. By all indications it has extremely promising results. Available for a limited time on Amazon and at

Natural Homeopathic Ingredients

Advantage Pain Relief consists of six different types of all natural pain relief ingredients which target inflammation. When inflammatory responses occur, which is usually preceded by pain as an indicator, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are often recommended by physicians. Some patients, however, suffer high blood pressure side effects after using NSAIDS.

Advantage Pain Relief is a natural cream packaged in microscopic envelopes known as liposomes that then transport the ingredients into deep tissues of the body to decrease targeted inflammation.

How Does Advantage Pain Relief Cream Work?

The inflammation cream goes to work reinforcing and strengthening cells. The reinforced cells are then able to avoid rupturing, which invites inflammatory responses. Double-blind testing of men and women reveals that the natural inflammation cream presents improved and dramatic results within 30 minutes. Range of motion and reduced pain are said to show improvement. Continuous use of the application increases in these areas as well. Visit to find out more information.

The Science of Advantage Pain Relief

The patented product’s transference system actually delivers both water-based and oil-based components to the deep tissue site where the substances lubricate the cells while reinforcement of the cells is also in progress. Advantage pain relief not only offers instant pain relief when applied directly to damaged tissue but also maintains lasting recovery.

This cream formula bears the distinction of being the only all natural cream that relieves pain. It is a brand new formula that is made with natural aloe and when applied does not leave a white residue during the absorption process. The product is also medically approved and recommended.

Manufacturer’s Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of this revolutionary cream are so sure of the effects gained from use of the product that they are offering customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This revolutionary pain relief cream is being released after years of research and testing.

Manufacturers of this natural pain relief product proudly proclaim that Advantage Pain Relief Cream is the only such product on the market that is available in a 3-ounce jar. Meaning it can be taken into the airport, thrown into a bag and taken anywhere!

Where is Advantage Pain Relief available

For a limited time Advantage Pain Relief will be available on Amazon at a extremely discounted rate. Product is limited so act fast as only the first 100 bottles will be discounted. Customers who purchase will be given an opportunity to review the product following the first 30 days and a chance to win a one month supply for free.

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