Natural Earth Minerals Detox Remedy Formulated by Zion Health for Whole Body Cleansing; Now Sold at Hampton Natural Foods in New Hampshire

Native Detox Remedy: Native Indians consumed nutrient rich clay to absorb poisons from food and harmful bacteria. Zion Health announces; Kanwa Minerals Detox now available at Hampton Health Food Store in New Hampshire.

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Natural Earth Minerals serve as effective detox cleanse treatment.

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) March 12, 2014

Zion Health is proud to announce that local, family-owned Hampton Natural Foods, located on 845 Lafayette Road - Route 1, Hampton, NH, will now carry Kanwa Mineral whole body detox supplements formulated with pure Calcium Montmorillonite (edible clay) to help heal stomach ulcers, acid reflux, indigestion and fatigue.

Ancient societies from Egyptians to Native Americans have used clay as both external and internal healing agents. Kanwa detox supplements are derived from a high quality nutrient rich clay called calcium montmorillonite; a natural combination of more than 57 trace minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, silver, and calcium, well known for its high nutrient content and detoxifying properties. According to MIT scientist Dr. Robert T. Martin, bentonite clays, like calcium montmorillonite, have a large surface area that enhances its adsorption and removal of toxic substances.

Hampton Natural Foods is a local gem among health-minded consumers in Hampton, NH. As family-owned and operated natural food and body care store, Hampton Natural Foods offers the highest quality organic vitamins and supplements, natural body care products, gluten-free goods and preservative-free bulk foods and herbs. Hampton Natural Foods supports local vendors, trusted brands that staff members use personally.

Kanwa Minerals Detox Supplements are now available at Hampton Natural Foods in Hampton, NH and at health food markets and co-ops throughout the United States and Canada. Zion Health provides its consumers with pure skin and body care products that are 100% vegan, free of parabens and aluminum and formulated using certified organic ingredients whenever possible. For more information on Zion Health products, go to


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