FaceReview Launches a Cutting-edge Video Review Platform

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Consumers now record and upload video reviews from their cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktops, in real time. No apps to download or install.

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FaceReview™ has added the ability to record and upload video reviews from any laptop or desktop with a web cam. The new functionality, coupled with the ability to record and upload via cell phones and tablets, covers over 80% of the consumers in the US.

FaceReview is designed for companies that want to capture and share the energy and experience of their customers, with the world. An immersive video experience, offers a connection that resonates with the audience on a deeper level than any written review. According to Richard Lamb, VP at FaceReview, “ We offer companies an opportunity to make their happy customers, brand evangelists. As we all know, Brands Need Friends.”

Video consumption is growing at an extraordinary pace, with over four billion videos being viewed per day on YouTube alone, according to Reuters.

In a new study by Dimensional Research, 90% of respondents said their buying decisions were influenced by positive online reviews, and 86% were influenced by negative reviews. The challenge, for most companies, has been in harnessing the true power of reviews.    

Power to the People:
At FaceReview, we found a simple way to empower customers with a real voice. It is much easier for a person to visually express, or record an experience, than it is to convey it through written word. This is why we have created a robust solution that allows customers and clients to record and upload video reviews from their cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktops, in real time.

Power to the Brands:
FaceReview simply allows customers to enhance their connection to a Brand. A video review changes the dynamic of the relationship. And as we always say: “Brands Need Friends”. Companies can also manage which videos are public or private. They can append FaceReview to their current CRM platform. Businesses can finally hear feedback, in a manner equal to a focus group, but from their real customers. Companies can also tightly integrate the FaceReview star ratings, with their own review rating system, via the FaceReview API’s. No need to detach from your current solution. Simply add a new layer (FaceReview) and watch how it affects conversion and retention.    

Why Video Reviews are Superior to Written Reviews
When asked why video reviews are superior to written reviews, FaceReview VP Richard Lamb said: “Video reviews are like personal referrals, and videos simply connect, on a deeper level.”

When Shopping for a Product or Service:

  •     People look for someone that is coming from a similar perspective, (like minded) that they can relate to on a personal or professional level … a qualified reviewer.
  •     They are rarely aware of the visual and audio elements that pull them into the experience, or keep them at bay. They simply connect with that person, or they do not. It’s a subconscious response.
  •     The more senses that are engaged, the deeper the connection. This is where written reviews suffer when compared to an immersive video experience.
  •     When a person connects with a video reviewer, the shared information resonates on a level that is usually much deeper than a written review. It’s an immersive human experience.    
  •     When that connection is made, it becomes very similar to a referral from a trusted friend.

Fraudulent Reviews and Testimonials:
Written reviews offer very few fraud-barriers. Anyone can create a screen name and type something, as witnessed in recent investigations, fines and prosecutions around the world. Investigations have shown that most fraudulent reviewers leave a trail of anonymity and masking techniques. Those phony reviewers are not willing to put their faces, or voices, next to their fake reviews and reveal their identities. This is one simple reason why video reviews have a built-in fraud deterrent.

Watch our How it Works video or get started, in less than 45 seconds at Facereview.com
Companies, who signup while FaceReview is in BETA, will receive free lifetime benefits.

About FaceReview™
FaceReview is designed, developed and operated by FaceReview LLC, based in New York City. The company launched in 2013. FaceReview is a cross-browser cloud platform, designed to host, manage, view and upload video reviews for any business. FaceReview works on cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. No Apps are required. A suite of review management tools is available to companies, who signup in BETA, at no cost.

The company is currently developing a suite of complementary review management, video linking, fraud protection and brand reputation tools. Everything we do at FaceReview revolves around a principle we call S.A.S.I. We strive to ensure everything we do is Simple, Agile, Smart & Innovative.

More information about the company, its products, and services is available at Facereview.com

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