Help Fund the BōT RōP (BOAT ROPE) Project; Miller's Invention Needs Help Getting to the Market

Help Miller raise money for an indiegogo project.

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Colorado (PRWEB) February 24, 2014

Miller is raising money on indiegogo to help fund a project. He has invented a retractable boat mooring device and would love for anyone to participate in the process.

He finished college a couple of years ago with a Consumer Behavior degree. The only problem was he had no idea what he wanted to do. The normal 9 to 5 cubicle job bored him to death and dreaded that route. He have always been creative with an engineer type mind, but never thought about being an entrepreneur or inventor. He just knows he has been happiest around water. His family has always had a boat or jet ski and love both of those activities. Therefore, he combined his love for water and entrepreneurship and THE BōT RōP PROJECT came to be.

He was walking around the condo slips one day and started looking at all the different and crazy ways people were tying up their boats. Then he stopped, and started picturing a can that sits inside the dock with the rope inside. Then, the carabiner came into the picture, and later the retractable rope was thought of. He said "fine, let's make a device where everyone will be content in tying up, there's no need to turn this into rocket science." So, he got a sketch book and started drawing the picture seen on his "About Page." He then got a hold of some CAD drawers here in town and THE BŌT RŌP PROJECT was alive.

indiegogo campaign: