Former PDAC Prospector of the Year Describes Emerita Resources' Las Morras Gold Property As 'the Most Fantastic Ground I've Seen in My 40 Years As a Prospector'

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Fred Keats, former Prospector of the Year award recipient regarding Emerita Resources Corp.’s Las Morras Gold Property: “I've never seen Gold like this -- it’s only a matter of time -- this has signs of becoming a very rich high-grade deposit."

Emerita Resources Corp. is the subject of a Precious Metals Review offering insight and opportunity afforded investors. Fred Keats, President of Keats Global Exploration Services Ltd., was contacted for his opinion of what he found when he vetted the Las Morras property for Emerita Resources prior to its acquisition. Mr. Keats’ opinion is highly respected in the mining community, the Keats family received the PDAC 2006 Prospector of the Year award, and has a distinguished career in prospecting high value targets. Emerita Resources is advancing its 100%-owned 6,816.12 hectare Las Morras Gold Property in the mining-friendly Extremadura region of SW Spain, a prolific region with long history of gold production extending over 2000 years to the Roman Empire. Emerita Resources is ripe for a major Gold discovery at Las Morras. The Company is now zeroing in on areas that should produce the best gold rich drill results on targets that could potentially reward shareholders with returns on the order of magnitude that only exploration mining can offer.

The full review with chart may be found at online.

Mr. Keats described this as the most fantastic ground he has seen in his 40 years of prospecting and that the anomalies are the best he had ever seen. Panned concentrates or heavy mineral concentrate samples were collected by taking approximately 4-5kg of soil material from each sample site, which was then screened and panned in a gold pan to approximately 50g containing the heaviest minerals, At Las Morras the Panned Concentrates were then examined under a binocular microscope. Numerous of these concentrates from the Central and Northern areas contained between 400-800 grains of gold and most had at least 50 grains.

After exploring/sampling the ground at Las Morras, Mr Keats stated, “I have never seen gold like this before, and I have explored and successfully found numerous deposits in Canada, Africa, and South America.” He pointed out that Emerita’s Las Morras is virgin territory and it has signs of becoming a very rich high-grade deposit.

Emerita now zeroing-in on first drill targets:
Since Mr. Keats vetting of the property Emerita acquired the original prospective claims and expanded its land position six-fold to include multiple gold occurrences and anomalies. Emerita has also since conducted extensive geology, geochem, and geophysics -- all are in alignment for potential discovery of significance – Emerita is now analyzing data, strategizing to drill its first holes. We believe precious metal mining investors should be adding Emerita Resources Corp. to their watch list.

Over the last year Emerita has identified two major target areas that warrant the Company's full attention; the 'Northwest' & 'Central Target' areas are both ~2 km X 2 km, located 3 km apart. Both target areas have highly anomalous gold in soil, coincident with impressive gold finds at/near surface, and favorable geophysical surveys where results are interpreted to represent shear zones (important structural features often associated with economically viable gold mineralization).

The property was acquired by Emerita after investigating reports of spectacular Gold finds by local prospectors. Mapping and prospecting by Emerita revealed scores of ancient workings on the property and identified gold in bedrock; rock chip samples with values up to 9.82 g/t gold have been sampled in the Central Target Area over 800 m long and open to the east. Geological mapping by Emerita has located a wide shear zone hosting abundant veins extending several hundreds of meters near surface across the Northwest Target Area. Quartz vein samples from the area contain visible gold in sub-outcrops -- Emerita has uncovered large swaths of ground, hosting quartz veins that pinches and swells along the way, and many samples contained anywhere from a few grams to multi-grams of gold.

Several quartz float samples were tested from the waste piles of several of the numerous ancient artisanal workings found on the property and results showed many carry gold, the workings are typically hand excavated pits and shallow trenches into the shallow quartz-laden bedrock. The area has never previously had systematic modern exploration until Emerita began less than a year ago. The results from mapping, prospecting, geophysics, and geochemical surveys conducted during 2013 indicate that Emerita Resources appears to be onto something big at Las Morras. Based on the very rough-angular texture of the many of nuggets found (many found sitting right above the quartz veins) it is interpreted that the nuggets have not moved far (no apparent transient glaciation effect) and probably reside near/above their origin having eroded in place.

Very Low Frequency (VLF), Induced Polarization (IP) and Electrical Resistivity Tomagraphy (ERT) surveys affirm Emerita appears to be zeroing in on structures that could host a potential gold discovery of significance. The shear zone system is interpreted to represent a possible source of the gold found in the area and will be the focus for follow up trenching, which is expected to lead to drilling. The geochemical and geophysical anomalies are open along their strike, particularly to the east. The extent of the anomalous body in the Central target area, based on the geochemical and geophysical results, is 1,200 meters long, 90 meters wide with an extension to a depth of at least 120 meters based on the IP/ERT corresponding to the bottom of the geophysical profiles. In the Northwestern target area the anomalous body is 600 meters long, 80 meters wide and continues to a depth of 100 meters, corresponding to the bottom of the geophysical profiles.

Exceptional management & skilled technical leadership:
Emerita Resources is led by individuals that have proven time and again their ability to locate or develop profitable mineral deposits. They’ve also generated considerable wealth for those wise enough to have invested in their companies and projects in the past.

Joaquin Merino-Marquez, P. Geo.., President, CEO and Director:
Joaquin Merino-Marquez has 20 years of experience in the mining industry including extensive international experience in South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Prior to joining Emerita he was Vice President, Exploration for Primero Mining Corp. and has held executive positions with Junior mining companies in Latin America since 2003. Previously Mr. Merino was the exploration manager for Placer Dome at Porgera Mine and mine geologist at Hecla Mining's La Camorra mine. He holds a MSc degree from Queens University (Ontario), and a BSc in Geology from University of Seville (Spain). Mr. Merino is a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario.

Mr. Merino-Marquez has had a global career, and has successfully managed community relations for decades for various mining interests, however important to note that he is originally a native of Spain and maintains residence there. His talents and familiarity with the area have allowed Emerita to effectively build a first-class exploration team in Spain, plus finance and advance prospect(s) in an manner that maximizes shareholder value.

David Gower, P.Geo., Director:
David Gower has 30 years mineral exploration experience including 20 with Falconbridge, Noranda (now Xstrata Glencore) most recently as Director of Global Nickel and PGM exploration and a member of the Senior Operating Team responsible for mining projects for Falconbridge. Exploration successes included brownfields discoveries at Raglan, Sudbury, Matagami and Falcondo – DR, and greenfield discoveries at Araguaia in Brazil, Kabanga in Tanzania and El Pilar in Mexico. He is presently President of Brazil Potash Corp. which has discovered the largest and highest grade potash deposit known to date in Brazil.

Mr. Gower and his ‘team’ have an exceptional track record of discoveries that they are responsible for. Mr. Gower has a group of mining professionals skilled in various disciplines that work closely with him and which have followed with him after leaving Falconbridge. Since leaving that organization the team has discovered the largest and highest-grade potash deposit in the history of Brazil. His team has also put together a company with a billion barrels of oil in an oil shale deposit in Brazil, and they’ve taken Belo Sun’s gold resource from ~2 million ounces to >5 million ounces. The important thing for readers to understand is that this team always looks for projects with scale, the team sees the size potential in the opportunities in Spain, and it will provide support to Emerita Resources’ efforts.

Additional key team member 1:
Part of the aforementioned team is Helio Diniz, a key person Mr. Gower partnered with in Brazil; since they started looking at Brazil together ~7 years ago for the Forbes & Manhattan Group, they’ve taken that office from essentially the two of them up to 150 professionals – a very big office with four companies active there. The organization they have built will provide a good basis of technical support as they’ve got full capabilities from mineral resource calculation specialists to geophysical support, engineering (mining, metallurgical and environmental engineering expertise) and all the technical support a mining company would need. Mr. Diniz is the Managing Director for all Forbes & Manhattan Brazil operations. Mr. Diniz was involved with Mr. Gower in Falconbridge’s Ariguia discovery in Brazil and also since then as previously mentioned, Brazil Potash Corp., Belo Sun Mining and Irati Energy. In short, Mr. Diniz has a long and stellar track record, and a good eye for economic projects.

Additional key team member 2:
Another of key of the team is Juan Luis Alberez. He holds a Geology degree from University of Seville in Spain, however he has worked much of his career in construction and logistical sort of industries within Spain and is extremely well versed with the permitting and regulatory process. He knows his way around the paperwork in Spain and is able to get things done efficiently, all of EMO.V’s drill permitting and those sorts of things will be expedited through him. If the name ‘Juan Luis Alberez’ is familiar to soccer fans, then “yes” this is the same person; Mr. Alberez was also a very well known professional soccer player – not that it has much to do with mining, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Additional key team member 3:
Santiago Gonzalez Nistal is an exploration manager and professional mine geologist. He was chief geologist at the Carles Gold Mine, and was exploration manager for Rio Narcea and Orvana in Spain.

Additional key team member 4
Juan Maria Gonzalez is a strategic advisor to the Company. He was formerly Deputy Minister of Energy Industry and Mines for the southern Spain region of Andalusia, which is one of the largest regions of Spain and includes the famous pyrite belt. Mr. Gonzales presently works in finance and economic advisory as a Senior Partner of MAPA Group, an international strategic and tactical business development firm with more than two decades of experience. He is well respected within the financial industries in Spain.

Additional key team member 5:
Another important strategic adviser is Dr. Manuel Garcia. Manuel José García Gómez, a professional with varied experience in metallurgy and environment and extensive involvement in natural resource companies developments. Manuel José García Gómez is currently CEO for AGQ Mining & Bioenergy S.L., and was formerly Director of EGMASA, a company of the Andalusian government which provides essential services in environmental and water management and permitting in Andalusia. In the private sector, his career has evolved from executive to entrepreneurial. Dr García holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Seville, is also Master in Business Administration (MBA) from EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial) and has a P.hD. in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Seville.

The full review with chart may be found at online.

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