New Location Analytics Solution Makes Discovering Mobile Network Coverage Holes A No-brainer For Mobile Operators

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The committee of the prestigious Global Mobile Award 2014 nominates the location analytics platform Demograft developed by Reach-U, the European market leader in location based services, as one of the most promising technologies for improving and extending smaller mobile networks.

Demograft adds up to 3 EUR per subscriber to the operator’s ARPU and EBITDA – the equivalent of 11% of the typical annual network investment and marketing budget.

Mobile operators are in possession of large amounts of data about their subscriber base waiting to be used for gaining valuable business insights. In most cases this data is isolated in data silos. Joining passive location data, CRM data and network statistics OSS data usually requires a significant financial effort and advanced analytics skills. To bridge this gap Reach-U has extensively studied the needs of mobile operators. In close cooperation with those mobile operators its engineers and scientists developed a solution to solve their topical problems resulting in the Demograft location analytics platform.

Demograft is unique as it merges all available data sources to gain actionable priorities for mobile broadband campaigns and network investments. It is designed by CTOs and CMOs to solve their topical problems. What they need is smart actions, not just analytics for:
-Investing into mobile broadband profitably in the context of inflated customer expectations towards download speeds and shrinking data plan fees
-Targeting promotions precisely to maximize advertising return

Demograft adds up to 3 EUR per subscriber to the operator’s ARPU and EBITDA – the equivalent of 11% of the typical annual network investment and marketing budget.

Two examples from existing Demograft customers:
-Offloading 3G users to LTE who often stay in overloaded 3G sites. Those are heavy traffic users, have high ARPU and most importantly, live, work and commute inside good LTE network coverage as illustrated in the attachment. This yields 0.30 EUR/subscriber for spared 3G investments;
-Up-selling LTE to high-ARPU customers who live, work and commute inside good LTE coverage – yielding 0.33 EUR/subscriber in additional revenue, and when combined with LTE rollout, even bringing forward revenues by 6 months.

Demograft uses the passive location information of mobile subscribers without adding any additional load to the radio network. Next, it applies algorithms to the stored location data, combines the results with the customer data from DWH/CRM and finally overlays everything with OSS.

Despite the technical complexity Demograft is very easy to use. It takes only two mouse clicks and no training for what previously took weeks of data analytics. In addition the platform takes only one month to implement. Of course the algorithms and software engineering tools to achieve this ease of use are sophisticated indeed.

In addition the application emphasizes the benefit of customer segmentation. Demograft surgically separates the network customer experience of high-ARPU customers from the rest. This moves the organization from monitoring the network performance to caring about the customer experience. The whole organization will start looking at its services through the eyes of the subscribers.

Finally it must be mentioned that the Demograft platform is not limited to only helping mobile operators to grow their business. The underlying technology has applications in vast fields such as advertising, smart cities and public safety. Prototypes for the aforementioned areas are in development.

Please feel free to test drive Demograft here:


Reach-U will be demonstrating its solutions and sharing real life customer cases at the MWC at Hall 8.1.

About Reach-U
With more than 20 years of experience in the area of location-based and geoinformatics services, Reach-U has emerged as a key player in the location-based services (LBS) market. Reach-U applications are running commercially in diverse regions and commercial environments worldwide. Its services are currently being offered to 315 million customers via its mobile operator customer base.

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