DashHaul.com Launches Assured Shipping Platform; Creates Trucking Jobs and Boosts Small Trucking Firms

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DashHaul Inc, a Chicago-Based Tech Company, launches the First Assured Transportation Marketplace with Truckers’ Interest, Environment in Mind. Their mobile application VILMA provides users with a more efficient, green and transparent way to perform truckload shipping operations.


Our mission is to move tractor-trailer drivers from the bottom of the logistics 'totem-pole'.

DashHaul Inc, a Chicago-based tech company which develops solution-based software for the logistics industry, announces the launch of its web app, DashHaul.com. VILMA (Virtual Intelligent Logistics Management Application) is a virtual marketplace designed to help shipping companies connect with carriers. The DashHaul application also functions as a shipment management tool to help users manage, keep track and archive important details pertaining to their shipments.

The platform addresses the substantive and critical issues that revolve around the logistics industry today—truck capacity, driver compensation, safety and the environment. According to a 2009 Department of Transportation study, inefficiencies in the industry contribute to externality costs of $4+ billion, while CO2 emissions cause significant harm to the environment. Negative externalities also contribute to high driver turnover rates, congestion, excessive pollution, driver fatigue, accidents and fatalities.

To mitigate these factors, DashHaul created an assured shipping network, which also places a priority on carriers that are environmentally sustainable. “Sixty-eight percent of all goods travel on a tractor-trailer in the U.S. A 10% improvement in fuel economy would save $1 billion per year. Trucks, such as the Peterbilt and Cummins SuperTruck, increase fuel efficiency by 54% and use $25,000 less diesel per truck, by increasing aerodynamics and reducing tire-rolling resistance. By creating a marketplace that places a priority on these trucks, we will reduce overall costs in the truckload supply chain, which in turn will boost profits for carriers and lower costs for shippers," said Brian LeVert, co-founder of DashHaul.

“Our mission is to move tractor-trailer drivers from the bottom of the logistics ‘totem pole’,” says DashHaul co-founder, Mike Schreiber. He continued, “We project that by giving smaller trucking firms and owner operators a platform that empowers them, their safety records will improve, driver turnover rates will be cut in half, the void in the driver job marketplace will contract and there will be an overall reduction of the carbon footprint the logistics industry leaves on the environment. We view the steps that we are taking as real solutions to the myriad of issues, which plague the logistics industry.” LeVert notes, “In our philosophy, drivers are not cogs produced or utilized to produce a product to satisfy a need. They are the need—meaning the economy needs them. Consumers and businesses need them for the everyday products they use and sell.” He added, “Truck drivers are among some of the hardest working people in our economy. They operate under a high degree of stress, very difficult conditions and when it comes to detention time and inadequate compensation, with extreme disrespect in regards to the skills and knowledge the job requires. It’s well past time to remit the dignity the job warrants and raise their standard of living. DashHaul gives carriers the platform to band together and initiate a change.”

DashHaul Inc, a tech company that is located in Chicago, IL develops web-based service applications for the Logistics industry. The company was founded in 2012 and launched its newest application, DashHaul.com in February of 2014. The DashHaul platform has roughly 500 registered carrier users in its network.

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