Narconon Fresh Start Launches Efforts to Educate Parents about the Dangers in the Rise of Schedule 2 Stimulant Abuse

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Many young people are intentionally abusing schedule 2 medications and going on to develop drug and alcohol addiction problems as they grow up. Narconon Fresh Start is launching a new division of their organization to prevent future drug abuse and addiction through the public about the dangers of schedule 2 stimulant Medications and changing the way many people view medicating children for ADD and ADHD.

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Narconon Fresh Start announced today that their company is in the process of creating a new division of their organization that is dedicated to helping inform the general public on the hazards of giving children schedule 2 stimulants to treat ADD, ADHD and other behavioral problems. In the near future, this section of their organization will be launching an informational website where they offer advice and answers to questions by skilled drug counselors through live chat, current news articles on schedule 2 stimulant use, abuse and addiction, a blog where site users can join in the discussion and summit comments. Also included, will be an educational video gallery with documentaries and informative videos about psychiatry, psychiatric medications and psychiatric disorders. As a leader in the fight against drug addiction and alcoholism, Narconon Fresh Start is gaining recognition from renowned psychiatrists such as Dr. Peter Breggin and his colleagues for their efforts to educate parents and caregivers about the dangers of medicating their children with schedule 2 drugs.

Included in their upcoming website on the dangers of children and young adults being prescribed schedule 2 medications are facts and reports from leaders in the field of psychiatry, psychology and addiction rehabilitation. The material will include information on how the use of schedule 2 medications is leading to devastating side effects; side effects that include addiction, anxiety, insomnia and heart palpitations for the children who are on the receiving end of these substances ( Contained within their upcoming site will be current facts and reports from the CDC ( and ( which state that there are as many as 6.4 million children ages 4-17 diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, with approximately two-thirds of these children being prescribed Ritalin or Adderall.

Their educational website will include research by Nadine Lambert, PhD, director of the school psychology program at the University of California at Berkeley who has identified a relationship between both ADHD and the use of stimulants in childhood and dependence on tobacco and other stimulants as adults ( Her explanation for these findings are that either today’s youth are self-medicating to feel better; or, that they become more sensitive to the effects of stimulants e.g. Ritalin and therefore are more susceptible to other stimulants (cocaine, meth, etc.) as they grow up. Narconon Fresh Start’s efforts to educate the public and change the policy on what is medically acceptable are seen as a step in the right direction by leaders in the field of psychiatry and psychology.

Narconon Fresh Start is a strong supporter of psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, author of numerous books including Toxic Psychiatry. Dr. Breggin is a forthright advocate on stopping what he believes is the overmedicating of America’s children. His recent articles and lectures are on the cutting edge in his field as he continues to shine a light on what is going on behind the scenes of psychiatry. While never holding back on the truth about psychiatry, Dr. Breggin notes in his 1998 video, included on the new site to be launched, "Talking Back to Ritalin", ( that today’s psychiatry is driven by politics, not science. He shares that parents, care givers, teachers, and pediatricians are given incorrect information intended to help the children in their care; however this information has been so filtered through the drug companies as well as the psychiatric foundation that the facts they are receiving are not an accurate representation of the dangers these medications can have on their children.

A parent of a recent graduate from Narconon Fresh Start’s drug rehab program ( shares “If I had fully understood the long-term effects of Ritalin and the increased risk of my son developing a substance abuse problem I would have steered clear of putting him on such a toxic medication for his ADHD.” Today, many parents, families, teachers and other providers are feeling the same way and are now researching the consequences of putting children on such highly addictive schedule 2 medications. Soon, they will be able to utilize Narconon Fresh Start’s new website in their efforts to become educated on the many dangers of schedule 2 medications such as Ritalin and Adderall and make an informed decision about what is right for the children in their care.

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