AdVoice for Mobile RingBack Tone Advertisement Available to Marketers March 3, 2014

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A new platform for couponing, direct sales, music sales, and public relations will be released Monday, March 3, 2014, by Mobile Wireless Carrier and Enabler RingPlus to potentially serve 250 million consumers nationwide.

RingPlus Radio has the most engaged and interactive community of users in mobile and is adding thousands of users each month, making RingPlus the fastest growing user base in its industry. RingPlus provides RingBack Tone Radio Stations across different mobile carriers within the US and operates its own wireless service over the Nationwide Sprint Network*.

RingPlus Radio Stations are listened to each time subscribers make phone calls by replacing the acoustic signal indicating the phone on the other end is ringing. RingPlus media gives advertisers and PR specialists the most direct media to a responsive consumer that has ever existed. No other media can be directly in the ears of consumers who are in a communicative state of mind and ready to listen.

Features such as hyper-targeting and interactivity for couponing, as well as direct sales, make the RingPlus Media Platform a marketer’s dream come true. Advertisers and PR agencies as well as small business owners can use the RingPlus’ AdVoice platform, which is the most modern web interface, to upload their coupons, surveys, news, ads, and other content directly to an increasing number of mobile radio channels.

This is how it functions:

A person on a cellphone calls Domino’s Pizza and while she waits for Domino's to answer, she hears a coupon offering from Papa John’s Pizza for a $5 discount. She can press '5,' and her phone call is directly transferred to Papa John’s, where she now can order the pizza from them $5 cheaper.

Somone calls a significant other in the morning, and he hears a coupon offering for a romantic getaway for the next weekend. Just by pressing 5, he will receive an email or SMS with a link to purchase this deal.

PR specialists can use the news feature to announce a happening story or product release to inform thousands of consumers within minutes. Restaurant owners can make local, close to real time, advertisements for happy hour.

The possibilities are endless and the user interface to upload advertisement content is easy to use by following these steps below.s

1) A business owner/advertiser records a 15 second mp3 file of the advertisement.
2) He goes to
3) He uploads the message.
4) He chooses the desired interactive functionality he wishes to occur if the consumer interacts. For each advertisement played, consumers are invited to interact by pressing a key on their phone’s keypad. The interactivity allows the consumer to receive additional information about the advertisement. Interactivity features available include text message, email, and call transfer to a designated number chosen by the advertiser.
5) He chooses the target reach, starting with a zip code, and expands it starting at a 5 mile radius up to the whole nation by choosing from close range, local, regional, and national options.
6) He chooses the time at which he wants the message to be aired.
7) If he submitted an advertisement or coupon:
He chooses the price he is willing to pay per click starting at $0.01 and up. The higher the bid price, the more priority the ad gets over other content. If he submitted news, he doesn’t have to pay. If he submitted music, there's a $5 handling fee and RingPlus DJs will put it in the library to be played.

About RingPlus

RingPlus is the most advanced prepaid telecom and tech garage in its industry. In addition to providing services to its own subscriber base, RingPlus currently enables a rapidly growing number of telecoms with its patented technology (U.S. Patent Number: 7,006,608 & others) and services.

RingPlus members enjoy low-cost cell phone service starting at zero dollars up to the most popular $17.99 Noelani Plan, which includes unlimited text and voice with 300 MB of data. RingPlus members enjoy the highest level of call quality and other functionalities, such as Cloud In-Call translation services in multiple languages, call transcripts via Recall, and other functionalities.

On February 10, 2014, during a RingPlus growth seminar, RingPlus verified in front of a live audience comprised of attendees from Verizon, Sprint, and other large international telecoms a growth rate of more than 1,000 subscribers per hour for its zero cost plan.

  • Sprint is a trademark of Sprint Nextel.

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