DefenderPad Launches Newsletter to Empower Customers with Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Safety Information

An industry leader in developing products that provide ultimate protection from mobile device radiation has officially launched its newsletter.

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The DefenderPad eliminates two forms of unsafe Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR): Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation.

Bradenton Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 19, 2014

Representatives with DefenderPad announced today that customers will now be able to stay up to date with the company, now that its newsletter has officially launched.

"Stay up to date with DefenderPad by subscribing to our newsletter for Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) safety information, updates, new products and exclusive offers," a spokesman for DefenderPad said.

The spokesman went on to explain that the company added the newsletter in an effort to empower its customers with EMR safety and product information on a regular basis.

DefenderPad, a product where FCC certified testing shows that it is the only laptop radiation shield that blocks all harmful emissions, offers the most complete laptop radiation protection available.

DefenderPad’s radiation and heat protective technology, combined with its stylish design makes DefenderPad an ideal replacement for lap desks, lap trays and laptop cooling pads.

As to how customers rate DefenderPad, one DefenderPad user, said, "I live with my notebook on my lap and my lap desk was just too big and clunky, and it didn't even protect from radiation. The DefenderPad, however, shields both radiation and heat."

DefenderPad, according to company representatives, is an exceptional solution to provide the ultimate safety while using today's mobile devices.

In fact, an FCC certified lab test revealed that DefenderPad blocks virtually 100 percent of all potentially harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and greatly reduces heat emitted by laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

The DefenderPad eliminates two forms of unsafe Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR): Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation.

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About the Icaro Innovations and DefenderPad®

Icaro Innovations is a US-based Pioneering Protection™ company composed of a team of engineers, scientists and technology experts with over a century of combined experience. Our mission is to share our knowledge of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and its potential health issues, while creating and developing the most effective shielding solutions possible. Made in the USA using state-of-the-art technologies, DefenderPad® products provide the ultimate protection from modern device radiation and heat.

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Source: Icaro Innovations