"Samson Turner and the Legend of Hercules" by Avi Gvili Brings Together Greek Mythology and Modern Superheroes: A Must Read for Anyone Who Loves Action Packed Fantasy

Staten Island author, Avi Gvili, joins the past and the present in his book, Samson Turner and the Legend of Hercules. Greek mythology jumps off the pages in this page turner of a book that depicts the Olympic pantheon as present day superheroes.

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Samson Turner and the Legend of Hercules

Very dramatic and interesting. Cannot let go of the book! - Amazon review

Staten Island, New York (PRWEB) February 24, 2014

Samson Turner, a video game loving teenager, finds out he is endowed with the strength of Hercules, the legendary superhero. With his loyal friend, Leo, and the beautiful warrior, Trinity Marks, they set out to stop Gideon Nefaris and his henchmen from possessing the Orb of Orpheus, an ancient object that grants unlimited power. Join Samson and his friends as they travel into the world of Greek gods and mythical monsters.

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