Rejuvapen™ Microneedling TechnologyNow Offered at MyLooks® Clinics

The company provides patients with innovative skin resurfacing treatment.

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Rejuvapen™ is an incredibly versatile and low maintenance treatment that naturally induces the skin cells to regenerate for a more radiant skin texture and appearance.

Florida (PRWEB) March 03, 2014

MyLooks® Inc., has added Rejuvapen™ Microneedling Technology to provide patients with the newest treatment in skin restoration.

The latest innovation in cosmetic procedures, Rejuvapen™ is a non-invasive treatment that uses tiny micro-needles to penetrate the layers of the skin to activate the skin’s natural repair system. The pen-like device penetrates the surface of the skin to create tiny punctures to prompt collagen production and elastin repair, which stimulates cell regeneration and naturally assists the skin to become smoother and firmer over a series of treatments.

“Rejuvapen™ is an incredibly versatile and low maintenance treatment that naturally induces the skin cells to regenerate for a more radiant skin texture and appearance,” said Dr. Korpeck, MyLooks® Boca Raton. “With a lowered cost and recovery period, patients will experience very effective and positive results to their skin tone and skin health.”

The Rejuvapen™ technology uses Fractional Collagen Induction Therapy to naturally stimulate collagen production and elastin to boost the cells structures and repair skin issues and damage. Acne scars, stretch marks, sun damage, skin pigmentation and even post-surgical scar reduction may be treated and improved with Rejuvapen™. The treatment nourishes the skin with fresh, oxygen-rich blood cells so it becomes smoother, firmer and taut, and also allows for enhanced absorption of nutrients to the dermal layers of the skin via the wound healing process.
Over a series of treatments, the areas addressed will be noticeably smoother and tighter.

Rejuvapen™ can be used on the face, hands or other specific areas of the body to treat wrinkles or furrows, or for skin that has lost its elasticity. Rejuvapen™ results last for years as the microneedling technology breaks down the dermal cell structures to promote healing, while keeping the epidermis layer of the skin intact.

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Rejuvapen™ Technology Rejuvapen™ Technology

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