Parenting Plan Tips That Every Divorced Couple Should Have [Tip Sheet]

MDP urges co-parents to commit to structures for their children, noting that it's "the only way to insert stability back into their lives."

Aliso Viejo, CA. (PRWEB) February 24, 2014

Online divorce service (MDP) works with divorced couples who desire an amicable split. Since many of these dissolving relationships have children involved, a good parenting plan is essential to success. In that spirit, the company has released its latest tip sheet, which details the must-haves for all co-parents. Here's what the company recommends:

A Basic Residential Schedule

MDP urges co-parents to commit to structures for their children, noting that it's "the only way to insert stability back into their lives."

According to the company, that means a child should have regular bedtimes at both houses, not to mention "TV and homework routines."

Regular Visitation Schedule

Children need to know when to expect visits with their non-custodial parents, and whenever possible, parents should meet their obligations or alter the schedule until a happy medium is found, MDP suggests.

Holiday And Birthday Schedules

MDP notes that holidays and birthdays "should be about the kids and not parental conflict."

The company recommends working out arrangements far in advance. That way, if there are any changes that need to occur, there is ample time to communicate those needs to the other co-parent and eliminate conflict on the child's special day.


How a child is to be transported, from not placing them in the car of a parent who is a driving risk to using proper, agreed-upon securement with car seats, boosters, and seat belts is important, MDP notes. "It shows a unified front -- that even though Mom and Dad may not be together, they're still committed to raising the child in a stable environment," a company representative explained.

Exchange Arrangements

If Mom and Dad can't get along, or if there is tension with certain family members whenever they're around the non-family co-parent, then MDP urges families to work out exchange arrangements in preferably neutral environments. "If you can't head over to the in-laws house without fighting, then they should meet you with the child in a public place where it won't be easy to start a fight," the company stated.

Schedule Changes As The Child Gets Older

Both co-parents should be mindful that schedules will change as the child ages and gets involved in more activities, MDP added. "Unfortunately, many parents who've filed the divorce papers, allow themselves to be blindsided by these changes, and it can tear open old wounds," a rep said. Some common changes that occur may be as a result of school vacations, babysitting, and permanent relocation.

"In all things, be considerate of one another," the rep explained. "It doesn't mean you have to like each other. That's not why you do it. You do it to reduce conflict and provide a better life for your children." provides affordable divorce forms solutions for those looking to file for divorce. Paperwork can be completed and compiled in 45 minutes for immediate use.

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