Relief for the Beat-Challenged: Muse-Eek Publishing Presents the New "Rhythm Ear Training Series"

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Rhythm is the backbone of music, but for some it is an elusive element. Muse-Eek’s Rhythm Ear Training series tackles the whole range from simplest rhythms to complex syncopations, using portable mp3 formats.

Rhythm Ear Training by Bruce Arnold

Rhythm Ear Training by Bruce Arnold

Many musicians do not even realize they have a rhythm problem unless someone else tells them, leaving them to wonder why their gigs have dried up.

Most music in the world contains a combination of melody and rhythm. These two elements, (along with harmony, in the western world), must be mastered equally by the student of music. A great deal of emphasis is placed on harmony and melody (scales or modes), but unless one is studying percussion, the aspect of rhythm is often neglected. In addition, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and for many, rhythm is a daunting hurdle. Many musicians do not even realize they have a rhythm problem unless someone else tells them, leaving them to wonder why their gigs have dried up.

For beginners, simply playing along with others may be a huge challenge. And even the advanced player may find themselves “out of synch” with others, when confronted by unusual or shifting syncopations.

Muse Eek Publishing "Rhythm Ear Training Series" by Bruce Arnold approaches this subject through several areas: playing along with others, reading or transcribing rhythmic notation, and internalizing, and then externalizing, rhythmic understanding to unleash creativity….and fun!

Most rhythm ear training courses use the method of dictation, whereby the student writes the rhythm that they hear played, onto a piece of paper. Muse-Eek’s rhythm course includes this time honored method; there are exercises where a rhythm is played and the student must write the rhythm down correctly on note paper. (A PDF is supplied with the correct “answers.”) But the Muse-Eek course adds a unique and portable way to learn using MP3s, in which the student hears a rhythm followed by a pause, and then a voice naming what that rhythm was. This kind of format allows the student to learn virtually anywhere, thus maximizing study time. Additionally, a Rhythm Ear Training DVD has the student playing along with various rhythms and also demonstrates how these rhythms can be applied.

This kind of study of rhythm helps any musician to lock into grooves, and play with greater speed and accuracy. Interaction with other musicians is enhanced, and both rhythm parts and solo parts become more creative. The ability to read rhythm quickly will aid in sight-reading in a cold situation as well .

The Rhythm Ear Training Series is a 12-part course that can be purchased in bundles for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced pupils. The Rhythm Ear Training Video Course DVD is sold separately.

To see applications of the rhythms presented in this course, please visit Bruce Arnold's Website.

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