CipherShop's Digital Electronic Security Solutions Announced Today That Its CipherLoc-CR Product Has Filed for and Received a Provisional Patent for Digital Encryption

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Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation (Cloud-MDs) (OTCQB: NSCT), a leading provider of “Cloud Based” medical practice business operations solutions and billing services for the healthcare Industry and a provider of digital electronic security (DES) solutions for all industries announced today that its CipherShop division has filed for and received a provisional patent on the software component of its CipherLoc-CR technology suite.

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CipherLoc-CR is the pinnacle of cipher technology for Digital Electronic Security Solutions

CipherLoc-CR is a multi-parameter, multi-dimensional, polymorphic key progression algorithmic (PKPA) cipher engine that offers digital encryption protection unlike anything currently available. More importantly, CipherLoc-CR represents both new science and new technology in software and hardware applications of polymorphism and is a revolutionary idea based on the information content in a message rather than the difficulty of the key. Using advanced set theory and information theory, this encryption method does not rely exclusively on large keys and complicated permutation/obscuring techniques which makes it faster and requires less memory than other encryptions.    

Most other ciphers overstate the number of unique keys in the key space and are broken more easily as hardware gets faster because it is easier to check all possible keys in the cipher key space. CipherLoc –CR functions can be changed “on the fly” and since it is not based on “bit encryption,” it does not have this problem - keys, for all intents and purposes, are equally secure because the effective key space (the key space composed of the truly unique keys for a message) of the key is not known to any attacker and as a result, would increase the number of brute force choices any attacker would need to make which increases the impossibility of ever breaking a CipherLoc-CR encrypted item. CipherLoc with CR transcends the concepts of ‘number of bits’ and ‘level of security’ and it does not lend itself to discussions about keys that are “more secure” or “less secure” than the other.

CipherLoc-CR is the first truly Polymorphic Cipher Engine that can be used in commercial, security sensitive applications and is far more secure than any cipher by itself. CipherLoc-CR allows a user to include any FIPS certified 140-2 cipher as part of the “CipherLoc-CR pool” of working ciphers which CipherLoc-CR then uses it in a random fashion to encrypt messages. CipherLoc-CR does not use just one cipher. It selects a cipher and key randomly and uses it for a short time, selects a new cipher and key, uses it, and continues in this manner until the entire message is encrypted. By slicing the message up into segments and encrypting each segment in this way the PKPA Engine eliminates replay attacks because the cipher engine morphs quickly (> 1,500 times/second), thus, requiring the hacker to solve an entirely new problem. Even if one section of the cipher is broken, the next section of the message must be broken with the same amount of effort, but no data carries over into the new problem to help the hacker. Making matters even more difficult for hackers is the simple fact that with CipherLoc-CR, the speed of the encryption will increase as the hardware gets faster. Thus, unlike other ciphers, CipherLoc-CR becomes even safer as computers get faster. CipherLoc-CR also rejects data access and injection, false commands, and data alteration. All such methods are key to cyber intrusion, spoofing, and electronic attacks.

CipherLock-CR can be run as an independent program or added as a module to the program it secures and can be implemented as both a software or a hardware solution or both and is compatible with and significantly enhances current SSL and VPN technologies, but does not require either. Operation is transparent to the end user and no new transmission protocol is needed because CipherLock-CR works on the contents of the packets and does not provide a “chosen plaintext” scenario for analysis.

CipherLock’s world-class capabilities address the formidable security challenges Cloud Computing presents, including those faced by public Clouds whose infrastructure and computational resources are owned and operated by outside parties who deliver their services to the general public via a multi-tenant platform. It is the first of a new generation of advanced, secure and affordable encryption technologies that can be used in commercial, security sensitive applications to eliminate dependence on a single type of cipher to achieve essentially the same security as a One Time Pad (OTP), the most secure cipher known, without all of the disadvantages and additional resources.

CipherLock-CR is the pinnacle of cipher technology and is infinitely configurable, mathematically provably secure, cost effective, and easy to use and provides an electronic gate that restricts access to vital assets, production facilities, and distribution systems that comprise the backbone of today’s electronics based organizations.

CipherShop™ provides commercial quality, advanced, digital security solutions that comply with governmental regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA and SOX and their first offering, the CipherLoc technology suite has at its’ core the CipherLoc-CR advanced Polymorphic Cipher Engine.

Mr. Michael DeLaGarza, CEO of Cloud-MDs stated, “This announcement by our CipherShop division adds another essential component to our core capabilities as a company and significantly advances the state-of-the-art in commercially available, secure, digital communications.“

For further information about Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation go to or mdlg(at)cloud-mds(dot)com.

Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation (Cloud-MD) (OTCQB: NSCT), trades on OTCQB, the venture stage marketplace for companies that are current in their reporting with a U.S. regulator (SEC). Investors can find Real-Time quotes and market information for the Company on further information about Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation or go to or mdlg(at)cloud-mds(dot)com.

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